Monday, April 19, 2021


 ... granddaughter is almost to 6 dilation. She punched her man when he cracked the joke about it being called labor for a reason when she said she was tired of all this pain. Good thing he is a big man with her being ex ROTC. Daughter 4 was allowed in room to give T a break after granddaughter punched him. He knows now to remain arm length from her during contractions LOL.

Daughter 4 still has both ears infected but they are better and she was glad I told her to take Tylenol after the  MRI of her hip. 

Even though I pass the eye test when getting my license renewed, I wouldn't want to be in the car with myself driving without my glasses. I realized today while driving to the dentist that things were a bit blurry. So I now have an appt May 10th and I know it's going to be expensive as I have 5 different pairs. That is down from 7. Long distance, sunglasses long distance (which is the pair I wear the most), reading, computer and mending (including removing splinters). I am going to get half lens for the computer so I don't have to wear my glasses have way down my nose. Last time I had to get glasses it was $1600 without the exam which insurance paid.  Hubby just got a new pair of his old prescription that cost $350 without an exam.

I am 62... I have NEVER had a cavity... now I have 4 mild ones in back molars. SIGH. Well water does not have fluoride and I didn't think to pick up a fluoride rinse. That is $400 with a discount for cash/check payment. 

I would ask why is it when you look at getting OUT of debt... more debt hits? But that is the way the ball bounces, cookie crumbles, life just rolls on.

SO I am taking a good look at where I can cut $$ so I don't have to pull more from the IRA's or the savings. 

MEANTIME we are expecting up to TWO INCHES OF SNOW and 29 degrees with 25 mph winds with in next 3 days of nasty weather. SO I am out to cover plants

Blessed Be

kids update

 Daughter 4 has infection in both ears, she gets retested for it today after her MRI of her hip.  HER daughter was induced this morning. Still waiting for Baby Lizzie to come out. Her daughter complained about the labor pains and Daughter 4 informed her they were nothing compared to what was coming. Granddaughter is not happy with Daughter 4 now. They have been doing video chats a couple times a day.

Daughter 4 has appointment to get the title of my car put in her name and earned enough to get tags and full coverage insurance. She says that her Door Dash income will drop with summer as everyone will go to cook outs. Their county has went higher with covid.

Son 1 said his work is steady. He works for an IT company and he hasn't been hanging out with anyone but his mom and stepdad.

Son 2 has refused nomination at his VFW. He still is secretary of Combat vets motorcycle. That is a 3 min job of roll call when they go on a bike ride as they don't have a building to take care of. He had a problem a couple weeks ago and the ER thought mild heart attack. They have ruled that out. He had a bunch of blood work ran Friday and is waiting on those results before they schedule his appt with his primary (60 miles from him). He accepted a job that gives him a promotion ( civilian side of Air Force military instead of Army like he is) and increase of pay. He looks to start the first part or middle of May as they start everyone on the beginning of pay period. I am willing to bet stress between a job that he was handling 5 other peoples work along with his own  on top of battles in the VFW and a couple long term personal relationships that he had to finally admit were toxic. Stress will kill you.

Daughter 1 just had her second injections for her back. She has a rare bone disease that destroys her bones from her biological mother's side. She still is able to work as dept. manager at Walmart. 

Daughter 2 said she head bartender and manager of servers. She said some days she doesn't make enough to pay the gas of going to work. She plans to work 1 more year (her youngest graduates then). She gets no health ins or retirement from this job. Her man and her have been looking at opening their own bar some day. Nice dream but she definitely knows what it takes to run one.

Daughter 3 said she works and goes home to her kids and man. They have his mom and sister around them (he helps take care of his mom). She works at a cash advanced place.  

All the adult grandkids are working and trying to stay in their bubbles. 

The ones in school... half went to school the other half stay in homeschooling. 

Back later as I have a dentist appt.

Blessed Be