Sunday, May 10, 2020

weather affects to do list

can't paint garden boxes or deck posts
can't plant plants, well, I guess I could if I was just wanting to kill them off.
Can't work on the railing on the deck which includes painting them.

So I spin my wheels and water over 300 plants and try to make sure everyone is getting enough light in this house.

Someone please let Mother Nature know ,it is MAY in Ohio. LOL

I changed my style of daily to do list.... it seems to be working better.

I have a list for "outside projects" on it's own sheet of paper.

I have "it's spring "and what cleaning/caulking/ weatherization" comes with that on it's own sheet of paper.

I have "BUGS ME " list on its own sheet of paper.

THEN I have a to do today list...
it has the daily "dishes, laundry, meals, dust mop and computer"

Also on this to do list is "swish, swipe, shine, dust, sweep, vacuum, mop and trash".

ALSO on this list is !!!priority list!!!... that follows the daily part and if that is all I get done then swish swipe list waits.

I have no routine that gets it done unless you count the small daily. I get that done.

I am finally waking up between 6 -7:30. Going to sleep around midnight ... I might get 2 hrs sleep or 5 hrs sleep which is the reason I am having to rest during the day. They are now blaming the dehydration issues for the sleep problem. My water softener company is coming down the 11th to make sure the softener is not putting too much salt in for the amount of water we use (half of average amount even with canning) Plants get watered with straight well water.

Not doing anything Mother's Day. Hubby doesn't even acknowledge it to me, says it's because I am not his mother. I do remind him to connect with his own mother.

Have a great week
Blessed be