Friday, March 23, 2018

When your Daddy stops eating and taking his meds

for a week and almost dies and ends up at  the doctor's office as an emergency(cousin is nurse and it got him faster treatement going through herand his doctor) and gets put in the nursing home because of it and  THEN cleans every single plate they put in front of him including of food he SWORE to you he couldn't eat and swallow and takes his meds , even asks for them.....GRRR...SIGH.
Still I realize he is roaming around at night, to the point my cousin thought he saw him out in the middle of the night when it was in the teens in his underwear but by time my cousin got dressed and over to the house (they are neighbors) he couldn't find Daddy and the house was dark and doors were locked as he checked but there was bare footed prints in the snow. Nursing staff said he is not sleeping during the day (20 min nap at 3 pm, been doing that for 70 yrs) and maybe 4 hrs total during the night as he sleeps 2 hrs , up and then sleeps another 2.  They are wondering if his meds are doing it and are looking at changing them.Hopefully it will get figured out and he will be able to go home. He is going to be 91 on May 3rd.

On the way home,Hubby and I talked about his parents, they don't eat right, too much snacks,candy and pop along with not eating veggies and fruit, maybe one meal a day at that plus just sitting all day and napping 2-4 and then can't sleep at night....His dad actually got a doctor's order to GET up every 20 min and walk for 10 as he was having troubles breathing and it was from nothing more than sitting too much.

THEN we talked about ourselves...sigh...Hubby 98 % of the time takes his meds as soon as he gets up. ONCE IN A GREAT while....he will miss, usually when he has blood work and forgets to take them when he gets back.

 I on the other hand miss a lot of mine, Not my Crohn's meds or heart meds, I get those EVERY day. but the others .... I take meds 4 times a day and what I have found is I miss the 2 pm and the dinner meds if we are NOT home for dinner. So I found a small glass jar I had that I can put a day's worth of meds in and carry with me so I can take my meds. I have to eat with them so I will also need to start carrying something with me all the time.

EATING... we both suck. I have meds I have to take first thing in the morning, I can't eat for 2 hrs after, by that time I'm off and running with the day and not stopping until lunch.Lunch is a 50/50 ...if not at a place I can stop like the other day when I was gutting somethings on 209 to clear it for the crew that was on their way there or if I didn't pack anything , lunch gets passed. IF I miss lunch I eat something at 2 pm (along with meds) which is usually just a couple fig newtons or granola bar for my meds.Dinner is depending...big lunch, no dinner, no lunch, good (probably too much )dinner. 7 pm I crave get pass that part I have switched to tea and going to bed to read, which really works as then I am asleep by 9 and the dogs get me up at 4-5:15 am....I actually have an alarm that tells me to PUT THE BOOK DOWN as I would stay up ALL night reading.

Today shocking to both of us since we were late getting back in what was to be  an hour round trip to pick up new stove came in because a 3 hr trip, they couldn't find the stove, I came straight in and fixed lunch and told Hubby to wait to unload until we ate.Had 2 fig newtons for 2 pm meds and not sure what we will have for dinner as NEITHER of us are hunry since lunch ended up at 1 instead of 11:30.. BUT HEY I haven't missed any meds.

Maybe scrambled eggs and biscuits for dinner?

Blessed Be