Monday, October 19, 2020

On Budget

 Since we are also supporting Daughter 4 we are double checking the budget every day. Granddaughter said something about money and Daughter 4 pointed out that she shared the budget with all 3 of them (2 sons and daughter) so they would know what was going on. They wanted a pizza and Daughter 4 wasn't willing to pull money for a pizza so the 3 kids chipped in and got a cauliflower crust loaded with veggies. Daughter 4 thinks she has automatically bought take out when ever the kids asked as they don't live with her,*her medical put her repeatedly in the hospital so the kids lived with their dads to stay stable. She was able to pick up some work this weekend (starts treatment Thursday) so used it for oil change, gas, vet bill, dog food and groceries. 

We went to the store and got hamburger for 36 meals (Shepherd pie, taco meat, eggroll meat, meatballs and meatloaf) to fix and put in freezers. I will make chili with some of it and can that . I found some beef roast marked down that I cut into chunks for stew and froze that also. I got 3 lbs zesty sausage for chili for Hubby. I eat the hamburger one.

We caulked the north window in the front room. HAD the caulking. It was allowing air to come in from the sides of the window frame. No condensation on the inside window now.

I have used the clothes lines or drying racks for the laundry. Been raining or 30 mph winds have been blowing.

Hubby burnt some stumps to get that done off the punch list. He used scented oil for oil lamps that triggered my asthma so it was not wasted.

I am still , some more, what ever canning red and green tomatoes. Apples are next and then brussels sprouts . Kale is being used as fresh  as I have plenty dried for soups. I dehydrated the tomato skins to grind into powder for my supplies. I got a bushel of 48 lbs. Honeycrisp apples for $22 Local store would have been $109.92. I got a bushel 48 lbs. Mutsu (crispin) apples for $11 for $80. but would have had to ordered them and was warned they would be bruised in shipping. I found a recipe for green tomato apple pie filling to can.

A friend across state sent us a medium size box of medical supplies she no longer uses including a nebulizer that will be welcomed in the Amish community.

We ate mostly from the menu. The one night we had pizza from our favorite place over in Sidney as I ended up with 2 doctor appts at the last minute and wasn't getting home until after 6. (homemade pot pie was on the menu) The pizza along with 2 salads made 4 meals. Gave me time to go later to the store to finish the shopping.

Rest of YEAR groceries will be dairy, some produce and 1 turkey breast to smoke and at least 2 hams if not more depending on room in freezers. And 1 prime rib roast for Christmas eve size depending on that kids show up. Usually it's one of our boys. 

I have been having some vein issues in my legs. My primary decided to send me to a cardiologist instead of a vein specialist so I could get my heart failure check up at the same time. One co pay and one appt. Right now I have to have my legs up for 10-15 minutes a time,  4 times a day 

I harvested some volunteer kale and swiss chard from the north gardens. I might get one more pick.

I mended a skort and one of Hubby's shirts.

I turned the furnace off a couple days when it was warm with the sunshine. I found out that if I turn the bfast bar ceiling light it gives enough light off to see over the entire kitchen and dining room otherwise I have to turn on 2 or 3 lights.

Hubby used dirt from a pile to contractors left 2 yrs ago from digging to install our water lines. I said something about I was tired of seeing the pile at the deck. He mentioned he had left there so he could use it to fill in holes on the property. SO I took white fence posts (used for electric fencing) and stuck on in every hole I had found. The dirt is now down by half and we know next spring we will need more since he burnt down 6 tree stumps and dug up the field tile.  At least we aren't buying dirt for filling.

Have a safe week everyone.

Blessed Be