Thursday, June 1, 2023

Both okay....

 When Hubby didn't text or call when he should have arrived to their destination. I checked the map. There had been an accident that had a road close for a couple hours that I thought probably slowed them down..... yeah it slowed them down all right. Since it was Hubby's truck. I wish I had screen shot the map. The bed of the truck has pulled from the cab some.

He used his finger to point to the blown tire LOL. Since he had just had the brakes done the tires were checked also. Especially when the repair place knew he was going to hauling 10 tons. They had even checked the hydraulics for the lift tail. The end aka tail of the trailer goes up and down so you can drive fork lifts etc. up on the trailer. Everything was good. ST told the cop that Hubby had checked the tire pressure every time they stopped. He thought it was a little weird for Hubby to do that. Cop told him it was a good practice and asked if he was taking a long drive with his buggy would he check the horse's hoofs when he got there... he said yes. Same thing. I thought it was kind of funny that ST actually said something to the cop about it then realized he was trying to figure out why it blew when Hubby had been checking them.


ST told his wife that the cop that was driving behind them told him that Hubby was great at handling it as the majority of the time that much weight (10 ton) usually flips the truck part also. That he didn't slam on the brakes which would have slid the trailer on up into the truck bed possibly into the cab since it is a gooseneck and hooks in the bed of the truck not the bumper on a hitch and possible harmed them. That Hubby would definitely be sore.  ST's wife made sure I got that message even though it was close to 10 by time it was delivered as the Englisher that brought the message went to E and E come with him to tell me since I don't know him. E let him know Hubby had talked to me but they still came to tell me. I think it was midnight before I went to sleep. 

Still with what is going on with Hubby's health, I was glad to hear that he handled it correctly. AND I will push for no more long trips. I'm okay with him going across the state line to get mineral spirits for oil lamps as it's actually closer to us than us going to the kids or a couple doctor appts.  Ten tons is what he limits the loads to even though he can legally haul up to 12 ton.

He is calling the business insurance today. He has these pictures (cop told him what to take for insurance) and the State police report. Said he needed to repair the wiring harness that runs the lights from the truck to the trailer. Someone went and got him a tire on a wheel. He is using his credit card to pay for this. 

He couldn't remember his out of pocket amount. He is worried again about the financial hit. I told him I was more worried about him and ST needing medical and not realizing it. They are spending the night with ST's brother in law with Bishop's approval (Englisher's staying in the home over night is not the norm) and said ST's Mom showed up to check them out.  Reminded him of E's mom.

I let the kids know.... last night. I will let his parents know this morning. 

MEAN TIME I will be checking finances and transferring money as I know he doesn't have enough to cover his deductible for the business insurance since he just paid the trailer brake bill.