Monday, March 22, 2021


Hubby got his appt to get his physical for his business this morning, talk about last minute. He called to make an appt and they asked if he could be there in an hour... they are 40 minutes away. So off he went.

 Son2 spent last night sick, got up this morning  (to a broken water heater and repair man comes tomorrow)and decided to go to Urgent care since he was just around a friend that is looking at having surgery at the end of the week. Urgent care thinks tummy bug (welcome son2, you got it from me with texts) BUT his heart reading were not right so they sent him to the ER. SO I am sitting here waiting to see if they are going to keep him or send him home because of course he texted me right after Hubby left.

Daughter 4 is still waiting for date of surgery , they said they would call more likely in April as they want her to rebuild some strength before surgery. Her cancer doctor has now put her in physical therapy. She is also waiting for a MRI to be scheduled for her hip as it is hurting horribly.

Honda laid off workers again and with that lay off over 75 % of door dash orders dropped. SO Daughter 4 isn't getting much door dash. Daughter 2 said her income took a hit as she works at a bar and Son 1 that works and lives close to a Honda plant said pretty much all the businesses have seen the same hit as when we went on lock down last spring. BAD BAD BAD.

Daughter 1 and 3 are doing okay and their income is still steady. IF Son2 ends up off work he is going to be in a tight squeeze but okay. He said better to find issue now than AFTER retirement.

MEANTIME, Hubby and I decided to work out a possible schedule for this summer to get some of these projects off the punch list. I will be working on that today along with clearing 2 garden boxes and a bit of weeding in one of the strawberry boxes. 

Stay strong

Blessed be