Monday, August 24, 2020

funeral and changes.

 Aunt Dolly, she was Mother's half sister on her Father's side.She looked just like her mother. She had a sense of humor to the day she died. Even in her obit that she wrote in her final days asked for hats and silly masks to be worn so she could look down and laugh at us. She was 88. 

 I thought about how hard is has been to get seeds and canning supplies. I got some Tattler canning lids and STILL don't have it down how to get it right... I decided I was going to practice canning water LOL this week until I do have it right since I am already canning. I went through my canning supplies. I would get about half way through canning and be out of lids. So I am looking NOW until I find enough as I can over 1200 jars a year. I did find some at a decent price at  I went through my seeds, checked what I needed. Bookmarked the orders (as there is 7 different places to get them ) and now am looking to see if I can find them cheaper somewhere. This spring I didn't get some varieties the do better in this area for summer planting. 

We need to order water for the pond. It is down dangerously low and we don't want the fish (over 200) to die. If we can't find a supplier we will be running the garden hose out to it to add to it daily to try to keep it where it is.Hopefully the rain that is in the forecast will actually come HERE.

I am now dehydrating corn as I have enough room left for watermelon, cantaloupe and green tomatoes in the freezers. We have decided to start Sept 1st on eating from the pantry(that includes the freezers) instead of waiting until Nov/Dec. Mainly because with making ice for E we don't have that freezer for the turkeys and hams I buy in the fall. I do already have enough butter by buying here and there when it was under $2 a lb. 

 I am back to waiting on the dried beans to stop blooming and dry LOL. 

I have peach chutney to make and can, orange marmalade to make and can, cantaloupe and watermelon to cut and freeze. Then green tomato relish, picadilly, green tomatoes for freezer and canned for chili, tomatoes diced, chunked, sauce (pints and qrts) and maybe some juice to do ,tomatoes and green tomatoes are to be in this week or next. 

Hubby wants to change some things in the finances but we need to wait until we have the costs for the pond, canning supplies and seeds.

How are you doing?