Saturday, April 22, 2023

I am bored.

Had visitors this morning at 8 AM.

They don't usually come over , was actually on the front porch pecking at the door driving Charlotte crazy. I don't think she scared them at all as they wandered around the side yard and the driveway before actually going back across the pasture. 


 Lousy weather. Got past this, then last night and this morning it was rain (we needed it) but the freaking cold came with it. Temps dropped over 20 degrees.

M's girls will pick the asparagus late  afternoon so that's not on my list. Hubby  said we would cover the asparagus and pollinator plants late evening trying to give them as much sunshine as possible. Next 4 days will be cover plants at night and uncover when the temps get above 40 during the day

I gathered stuff yesterday to go to the Township clean up today. Widow on E's side gave us her stuff a couple nights ago. E was over last night asking if we could take his as he was at a horse auction this morning. Hubby had a good size load as I cleared out part of the garden shed and gathered some nonworking appliances (heater, AC, humidifier amongst others) that he had scattered through the barn thinking he would remember where he put it.  I saw it and piled it in the front bay right where he walks. Second pile was in front of the 1st stall barn door so he had to move it to go out to his truck and the third pile was by garden shed by the trailer.  He just text me and said the hauler said they would have charged $300 for what was just ours and $500 for everything. It was FREE sort of since it's part of our township taxes. Might as well use it.

 I guess I can go play with finances or go read.... 

Prayers for peace

Blessed Be