Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Small changes

 I went over the budget with a fine tooth comb. Between basement ramp and basement entrance, front porch and ramp, my dentist bill coming up, the rest of my surgery bills, Hubby's one set of glasses, my eye exam and 5 sets of glasses , building the greenhouse, yearly maintenance on the tractor($1000) under warranty so we can't do it ourselves and finishing the garden boxes and buying more dirt. On top of the two loans, truck payment and mortgage. I am trying to only pull from savings and not have to pull from the IRA's. 

I emailed our tax preparer (who is retiring) and asked what we could do to lower our taxes.  Her answer was keep better track of our medical miles and to keep receipts for medical stuff AKA the walker I bought that is deductible.  I printed off round trip directions to each of our doctors/testing/ etc. and I will put the dates on the maps and receipts of the bill paid in a file for medical deductions. Hubby moved his cell phone bill to the business as 80% if not more is business calls anyways

We have the majority needed for the basement entrance, might need a few more blocks and metal for the roof as the metal one now leaks. The ramp part , highest estimate in is $20,000. The other was $17,000. We should have E's brother in laws in the next 10 days when he gets the job he is doing right now finished.

I told Hubby we could take scrap lumber that's in the barn from us converting this house and  I can paint it with what ever outdoor paint I have and build the green house. Local metal shop can get us clear fiberglass for half the costs of what we could find it at a lumber yard for it as we know plastic won't hold up to the winds here.

Hubby designed and ordered the material to redo the front porch and add a ramp. He got $1000 off it including delivery when it all comes in. Would have costs him $300 to haul it himself).

My dentist gave me a discount since I am having the work done in 60 days and paying with cash or check. 

Hubby did not need an eye exam as he had one a year ago. So he just had the glasses to pay for.

I found paint in the pump house so we don't need to buy outdoor paint for the garden boxes (or green house). We get the soil cheaper as we buy it by the pallet and Hubby always asks the manager for a discount.

Since I am paying cash for eye exam and glasses, I was offered 20% off  plus there might be additional $$ off depending on the sunglasses I get. I want plastic frames and I don't want the lens section to touch my cheeks when I smile. I think I want a half lens for computer work but if they are more expensive, I won't go that way.

So using estimates we have gotten, I think I need to save up $4000 in next 2 months over what we have in savings already. We can pay only the interest on the ins loans for now. Business is back up so no worry about Hubby's truck payment. 

We decided to not take the driveway to the basement ramp. Saving $12,000 in gravel. We might have enough here to finish or at least not have to get as much and it can wait until next year if needed.

I can cancelled 4 memberships I had forgot about. They go through my PayPal. I checked my activity. I do not put auto pays on credit cards.

Our menu is now WHAT EVER NEEDS ATE FIRST...asparagus... repeatedly.

Instead of eating our fill of asparagus and then giving the rest away. I have blanched, froze and vacuumed bagged 84 spears and canned 13 pints of bread and butter pickled asparagus over the 8 pints of dill asparagus and 12 pints of bread and butter pickled asparagus I had already. I picked more today to blanch tomorrow. The freeze we are expecting with the snow might stop it from producing any more.

 The apple trees, blackberry vines, raspberry vines and grape vines are going to take a hit. I covered everything else I could and Hubby moved all the fruit trees in pots and the blueberry bushes in pots to the barn. I have went from hauling butt to prep and plant to hauling butt to cover plants up and will be hauling butt to uncover and start planting warm weather crops as it is going to be too warm for a second round of cool weather crops. I might get some "salad" planted in pots for the porch...and we will get tired of eating salad.

I inventoried what I was low on in the pantry. I made separate lists for what I can can myself and what I would have to buy in the store. I know from several sources that food prices are looking to be close to another 10% higher and if the corn belt gets hit hard again with the weather going through there... it will only go higher. I've already stocked my corn meal.  

I am taking last year's tomato juice to make pasta sauce (I'm down to 2 qrts). 

Due to increase of prices I stocked up the dogs stuff and non food for us for next 6 months.

I have some  flower bulbs to plant for spring and fall to help with getting the bees and possible Hummingbirds around the gardens.  

I use the app on my phone to turn the furnace down. If Hubby sees me turn it down, he gets cold and turns it back up. BUT if he doesn't see me then he doesn't get cold. He has to have his reading glasses on to see the thermometer.

I cut the grocery budget to $50 a month. Hubby wants to eat out twice a month... or I should say take out because covid is going up here and even though we get our second dosage Monday, we don't trust the variants and with a new great granddaughter and  Daughter 4 fighting cancer. We just are going to continue to stay at home. Just a note, the local little store that serves lunch has been so over ran with lunch orders it is almost now a call and see if there is anything left. Glad for her.

Produce auction starts Friday. I will be going to it (please let it be above 30 degrees) as I want to check out some of the plants etc. I have $$ set aside. 

Blessed Be. 


SHE'S Here


Elizabeth Mae born 4/19/2021

At 3:28 pm after Mommy pushed 33 minutes *daughter 4 timed it* As Daughter 4 AKA Gammy and Daddy had to hold Mommy's legs. Stirrup's wasn't where her feet could fit. 

Lizzie weighed 6 lbs and 6.4 ounces and was 20 inches long. Everyone doing good even though Mommy and Gammy had panic attacks when Daddy cried when I was born and I looked right at him. Gammy and Nurse said so.