Monday, November 9, 2020

Thankful 9th and menu for busy week

 I am thankful my cousin's hubby is okay. He had a light stroke. She is in poor health also. Only a few years older than me but as nurse she did NOT follow advice of losing the weight (over 100 lbs OVER weight) went into diabetes and still eats everything and anything and does no exercise. SIGH. Does the I take a shot so I can eat what ever I want.  

Our grandson lost his great grandmother on his late Dad's side. He said he was thankful she went in her sleep and she didn't have covid. She was in her late 80s.

Hubby said the old fence lost ... it's the one that "bit" him. I am thankful he is an EMT and makes sure we have a full supply of first Aid. I get the OTC meds but he does bandages etc.

Rascal (black) and Charlotte (white) checking out the new fence. Charlotte loves putting her head through it to smell the grass on the other side. We decided to replace the white wood fence with pipe next year if money is available. That will match E's side ours connects to at his pasture south of us. It is also a lot less maintenance.

I have to prop my feet up above my heart 3 times a day. I say nap and all 3 dogs head to the bed. Yesterday I didn't say anything out loud. Just texted Hubby I was going to do the legs prop.. 

Rascal is usually the one that follows me everywhere . But Wilbur realized what I was doing and wanted me to hold him. 

I froze 1 gal of brussels sprouts. Last 2 plants will be harvested today.

I canned 2 1/2 pints of tomato juice from tomatoes that finally turned. I have another tray that is almost red enough to can mid week.

I roasted 2 chickens, ate 3 meals from them, deboned (got 2 bags that have 3 cups of meat for potpie) and 4 1/2 pints of broth canned.

I made the menu

Today we have to take the work truck in for a repair that is tomorrow morning the dealership said to bring it in today and then we can pick it up after our appts. It's a 4 hr job.  That's 2 1/2 hours of today on the road to drop off and come back home. The repair is under warranty so has to be done by dealership.

I am doing regular Monday laundry, clean frigs, trash to road stuff. Hubby wants to burn a stump he has been trying to burn all week. Clear the old dog stuff and work on getting concrete off the metal clothes line poles as I am nagging about this old trailer and crap on it that was supposed to go to junk yard two years ago.

Tuesday... last warm day over 70 for the year most likely. I have appt with vein doc which is 75 min from here. He is going to tell me what the results are from ultra sound, he thought they should know how much the insurance would cover as it is affecting my heart failure and schedule the surgery. Then Hubby and I both have chiro appts. Hubby is taking a return to UPS for Amazon of what was sent wasn't what I ordered. We need to stop at Aldi's and Krogers. Looking for turkey breast for Tday and gal of milk (will have cooler and ice packs) THEN  we will stop on way home to pick up the work truck. 

Wednesday This day is suppose to be back into the 50s . I plan to do some sewing but we will see. Probably canning another tray of red tomatoes.

Thursday... home but Hubby's financial guy is calling  to do our yearly "meeting" . His office is still only doing phone or Zoom. We don't do Zoom. We already have figured out the budget. We are still debating about one check to cover my surgery and Daughter 4. Going to depend on the costs of the surgery.

Friday I have follow up appt for my back injections. That's 2 hr 15 min one way ride. We will pit stop at Daughter 4s. if she needs anything dropped off or picked up (aka empty jars). That pretty much wipes out the day for us.

Saturday will be catch up on the housework, etc.

Blessed Be