Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Hubby MRI results, planning for the future.


This was Hubby's fortune after we ate at Hong Kong before we got his MRI results. Even our doctor who is a friend laughed. 

Doc told him he has to write down stuff that is important, to pull over and input jobs when they come in while he is driving (he has hands free but has twice forgot he agreed to jobs when I was in the truck with him). He has to have a set routine. He has to lose weight, exercise and eat healthier. IF he doesn't want me to nag... he is to do it... other wise I have doctor's orders to NAG.

He has small vessel brain damage, enough to be causing problems but not enough to stop him from working as a hauler at this point. He sees the neurologist May 25th.  

I will give Doc credit, he knows Hubby well enough that if he had said you have a type of dementia and it's the kind that lowers survivor rate, Hubby would go into denial and I would be battling daily.  When Hubby went to check out, Doc held me back, he said he was surprised I caught it like I did as it is in the early stages. Which means we can slow it down. He is at a higher risk of stroke especially when he had rheumatic fever as a teenager. 

I caught because I know what to watch for. Both parents and step dad had it. Hubby's grandpas had it and his Dad has it now. I first thought ADHD because he easily sidetracked ... then worried it was his heart since he had rheumatic fever. Then the migraines came back after years of not having them. The change in his personality, though slight was enough to send warning bells off. He cursed using the F word and loud enough for E's children that were playing in the pasture to hear him. That is not him and I knew it. Especially when I said something about the kids and he cursed me.

Since I just had my own brain MRI (It was good), we can be thankful it's only one of us and not both like Mother and Pop before they died or like Hubby's parents now.  

I know I can't put off or let him put me off of learning to deal with the tractor. I even said something today and he started to put me off when I reminded him I have a learning disability and it takes me awhile to learn to do something. True statement as he tutored me in high school. The tractor is the only thing I need to learn to deal with this home. Finances need changed a bit and the will crap needs updated (again). We talked about getting things around for cremation also. AND were already dealing with this before these results.

Daughter 3, daughter 4 , and Son 2 know small vessel damage is dementia... they both have worked in nursing homes/ elderly care.  The other 3 not so much but I am okay with that as Hubby hasn't clued in to it. He thinks vitamin deficiency or his migraines is messing with him. He can go right on thinking that... I'm okay with it. Means he is not stressing or worrying about what will come. 

He did mention getting longer welding sleeves so he doesn't get burnt on his arm again on the wood stove.  I wear one already when loading or cleaning the stove. 

I know I need to make a list to not miss getting something done. But I've always made lists LOL