Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Deck railing

 I can't mark it off the punch list as it still needs a support along the top railing and the ramp still needs the side boards (to keep wheelchairs from going off the ramp) . It is nice to at least have it looking good. Patio table is still needing put together if Hubby every gets the time.

South railing. We have an umbrella that will go between the two chairs on the left and I need to spray paint the small table.

North railing. Metal chair needs welded, Hubby thinks he can get one of the repair shops that work on Amish stuff to fix it  and then I can repaint it... we had 6, I am not sure where they are in the barn but I want to make sure they are fixed and repainted by next year. We were going to put the grill here... no way now. That railing is vinyl just like siding and Hubby has already melted vinyl siding on 2 houses with the grill. Grill will stay on the front porch. Not a bad place as I very seldom get rain there but I do get wind so we put up a wind block.

Rascal's crook of his tail at bottom of photo... that is what we see when he is walking on the ground besides this railing. Wilbur and Charlotte are watching Hubby pull the flat bed trailer in and parking. This is the west railing. The bottom . of all the rails are low enough to stop one of Rascal's balls from going off the deck.

We might put lattice later in the open spots but right now I love the way it is.