Sunday, March 7, 2010

menu for the week of March 7th - 13th

Sundays I spend writing up what I did during the week, write up what I need to get done the coming week.Make sure my daily and week list reflect what is going on. Note which zone( I am in and basicly get myself ready to handle with coming week without losing my head or creating more chaos for myself.

Since the trash cans go to the curb on Sunday night for Monday pick up. Sunday is also my day to clean out the frigs, straighten up freezers and the pantry.I write this week's dinners on the white board beside my Flylady calendar in the hall way (it's right by the bathroom).

This week I decided to have the following. I haven't worked out bfasts or lunches or snack even though doc is breathing fire about my lousy eating habits.

These weeks dinners are

Sunday(tonight): pork pot stickers with dipping sauce,Teriyaki beef with assorted veggies stir fry with fried rice

Monday : pot roast with mushroom gravy, parsnip and potato mash, baby carrots, veggie salad

Tuesday: chicken, mushroom and spinach alfredo lasagna,citrus spinach salad and hot bread

Wednesday (which is ME DAY) : leftover pot roast and arugula panini, salad of pineapple and winter greens with a warm roasted chile-cocnut dressing, oven baked french fries.

Thursday : codfish in ginger soy cream,stuffed roasted eggplant rolls,leftover parsnip-potato mash made into patties.

Friday ( our grandson's 13th bday party of pizza for dinner) lunch will be cheddar biscuits with ham,stuffed baby peppers and a salad ( hubby doesn't work Fridays as his work week start Sunday night)

Saturday: baja style fish tacos, homemade refried beans with cheese, spanish rice, salsa and tortilla chips and chocoflan for dessert.

maybe I can work on bfast,lunch and snacks after I get tonights dinner promises

Blessed be