Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Tday

We have already had our Tday dinner last Saturday. Plenty of food, family and friends. I still have a good amount of my dishes,pots and pans in at my daughter's.Instead of having turkey again or ham again we are having steaks.Giving the turkeys a break HA HA

I am also still painting the area of her open staircase in the foyer.

On top of that we lucked into a new place so we will be moving.Must be our pay backs for complaining when the kids would have us move them in the winter. Bigger place, less rent and in the country. Can't beat that combination.

I have a couple weeks work,another blessing.

I have candy and cookies to make for the kids also.

Have a Blessed Day

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Coming attractions HA HA

This is a picture of last year's Thanksgiving dinner that my youngest took. You will notice that neither her or I was in the kitchen.I gave her the camera and told her to take pictures. I was banished from the kitchen by my son who took over the stove and finished the remaining dishes and made his homemade mac n cheese as requested by his sisters. Kind of funny since I taught him how to make it.Guess he changed it some, what ever gets me out of making it. HA HA

We hold our dinner the Sunday before that way we don't conflict with non-custodial visitation,in laws or those in food service wanting to work the weekend after Thanksgiving Day.

Why am I tell you this...because I have disappeared into the land of painting right before cooking dinner this coming Sunday. I call it remodeling because when ever I paint the old homestead it becomes a remodeling due to the repairs that have to be done before I can paint it.The kids voted last year and decided to move the dinner back to the old homestead( Sorry to my eldest and I wonder if she will do it again next yr) with the condition I get the house ready for the dinner, cook certain dishes and clean back up. NO biggie been there and had done that several years...what I didn't factor in was painting and installing new flooring and ceiling in the foyer that is 8 ft by 17 ft. A foyer that has an open curving staircase with a wall that goes up 20 ft.

I have found that even years after a fire your house will still develop issues due to the fire.

I have found by experience that I can put together our standard Tday dinner of over 100 dishes in 3 days. This year is only 61 dishes, 48 of them are mine to do and then the pies which last count was over 20 not touching other desserts and cakes. Can you tell we like to eat? We also like leftovers from this dinner and basicly no one cooks for a couple days after.

I best get is rolling along whether I do or not.