Monday, June 17, 2019

10 day busy

OK, hubby got home from fishing, we went the next day and picked out the new frig. Saved 1/3 of costs... for the first time when something quit working the replacement was on sale.

E came over with his older 6 children and fished for an hour and got over 30 fish. They had 2 meals from it.

We have had rain 5 days out of the last 7 and expect to have 6 days of rain out of the next 7. Gardens are under water, not sure if anything will survive.

Hubby picked up 4 last minute jobs last week ...good thing because 2 jobs got canceled this week as the Amish can't get out and we can't get in due to flooding of the Scioto River.

We multi tasked our errands on Monday and Tuesday including going to the grocery store and replacing what we lost. I did "OK" I got the same things but also go meat for  buy one get one... I made sure the price point was still with in my range. Hubby got his truck maintenance done and thought to ask what brakes was going to cost him as he will most likely need that in 3-6 mos.

 Thursday we had the energy audit. Glad I had it done even though Hubby thought it was a waste. The windows we thought needed replaced don't need replaced.. it's not the windows but the actual frames around them that is leaking air. Our side attics is the worst of letting cold air in, as the person who put the insulation in didn't know it needed to have air barrier ( told us since that it's not an moisture issue we could just nail card board and it would be fine)also as when wind blows directly on insulation, it reduces the R value to next to nothing.Also suggested we do interior "storm" windows like they do with church's stain glass windows ... AND we can make our own... I need a LOT of caulking ... he said to ask if we could get a discount for buying a case of caulking at our local store. He made it clear we do great on keeping our electric down and thought the propane was reasonable until he went through the audit and then thought we did a GREAT job as he would have figured at least 2000 gals used NOT counting summer fill.... we did 1600 and 350 of that is what was the summer fill I just got it at the end of May instead of beginning of June.

I was well enough to go visit my Daddy on Father's Dad... we sat on his bed and held each other. I can't remember the last time he held me like that. A memory that will last. He is getting weaker and starting to take more naps. AND EATS LIKE A HORSE  :)!!!! I took him strawberries from our neighbor for Father's day gift. No card, he no longer reads or like to look at things with writing on them.

We stopped at Hubby's parents and gave his dad a outdoor.indoor thermometer that says this place is for the birds... they are bird watchers and have several feeders. They were feeling better also.

We worked the budget, then reworked the budget and then did it again one more time. Went to our financial guy, he went over the budget, checked our IRAs and then went over the budget again. It's how it is going to be... not where any of us wanted as things are about twice as expensive as we had budgeted originally but it is what it is. I have supplements(holistic)  I have to take that I need to check out prices. I want quality items. M is checking with her mother in law that knows all about that kind of stuff.

I have several things I need to change of how I am doing things first for my health to rebuild my immunity system and second to help get some things paid off, savings built back up and still eat healthy. With watching the garden drown... I know I have to work out a back up plan NOW.