Thursday, March 16, 2023

Past week and Next week

 Sunday, Turned clocks forward. I prefer standard time right along with the Amish. 

Monday, did Saturday's and Sunday's laundry, reloaded wood into house, cleaned out the frigs, organized the kitchen frig using cheap sheet cake pans and took trash to the road. Caught all the dishes up. 

Tuesday drop off to bank for 2 of the Amish, drop off to our bank for Hubby's business. Got lunch at sit down restaurant and was proud we only ate salad bar and sandwich. LOTS of veggies and fresh fruit on the salad bar. I brought home half my sandwich. Stopped at CVS as I had coupons and saved 33% there. Still need more burn pad/band aids. Went to chiro, Hubby got fuel while I was in Kroger's. I saved 25 % using Fresh Mode, coupons and sales. Hamburger and chicken breast ended up costing $1.25/lb. Got salad items, baking potatoes, and a bunch of flowers on clearance.  We had to stop at CVS here in town as Humira was in. NO extra trips to go get it . Amish paid for the drop offs for their banking. Hubby said it paid for 1/3rd of the fuel.

Wednesday we went to H&R and paid for our taxes and picked them up and dropped off bank stuff to the 2 Amish. At 10 pm our time (9 pm Amish) M came over and asked if we could make a trip to Walmart as her school kids had just remembered to give her a note that on Friday they were to bring finger sandwiches for a "gathering" at school. 

Thursday we went to Walmart to get M's stuff, dropped that off and then to A &W enterprise as Hubby forgot to stop when he was dropping off bank stuff in that area. We need a 2nd floor mat for the wood stove and he was supposed to have ordered it. 

Friday we are home. Lots of rain and wind coming in.  Saturday will be pick up the limbs that come out of the trees into the north gardens if not to wet from the rain. No since stomping through the mud.

Sunday is the day of rest.

Monday I have doctor appt 2 hrs. away one way

Tuesday Hubby has doctor's appt for results of his MRI, we also will stop at Menards for some odds and ends since it's within a mile of appt. 

Wednesday both of us have eye appts. Both need new glasses

Thursday  We have chiro and as Doc is on vacation for 2 wks. and lunch at friends home.

I am hoping for a quiet Friday. 

Asparagus up

 that little pinkish purple stub is an asparagus coming up. There is two in the patch. The patch is 4 ft by 100 ft.  We had some Amish dig some out last year to make it only 80 ft long... It grew back SIGH.  I told Hubby he might be taking some to auction to sale ... he responded with blackberries also. LOL