Sunday, January 3, 2010

3rd pantry and stretching it

This is the pantry cabinet or wardrobe depending on whom is
talking . I store mostly oils and vinegars and extra drinks in the top and most of my home canned goods in the bottom.
I can remember at one time having 1000 qrts and 500 pints of home canned food in my pantry besides anything else.Something I plan to get back to even if I have to buy it from the local farmers' market
This afternoon for lunch we had some Savorings mini bread bowl appetizers that was in the freezer, cheese stuffed mini sweet peppers and
I made pot stickers. I sliced the torn wrappers to fry later to drop
in soups. Used the extra filling from the peppers and the extra filling from the pot stickers to fill more wrappers to freeze for other meals. Probably got one meal if I don't serve anything else.
I thought it's not just about eating out of the pantry. Even though we have plenty and aren't about to go hungry. It's about making the pantry last.
my heritage showed that with making the garden feed the family until the garden produced enough to feed the family again.
It's about not wasting the blessing of food ( YES BREN I DO LISTEN)
when others go hungry or just simple starve to death.
My way of thinking has people calling or emailing me asking
what they can fix to eat when they "think" they have nothing
right along with my kids doing it. Even though they tease me about
stocking up, when times are hard they know we can put food on their
tables in needed. OR better yet tell them how to take that flour and 2
eggs and make noodles to go with the potatoes they do have. Soup out
of what ever veggies are in the frig or freezer along with some broth .
Now if I can get them in the habit of NOT throwing away their
poultry carcuss, beef bones and veggie peelings so they can
make broth ...sigh...
Blessed be