Monday, February 2, 2015

Feb. 2. 2015

The ground hog saw his shadow...probably wondering why the humans don't understand it's 6 weeks to spring by the calendar so why are they poking him and waking him up to tell them something they should be able to read for their selves.

I got sick and found out that Hubby will reheat leftovers but that is about all he is going to do.SO the eating from the pantry went by the way side big time because it took almost 3 weeks for me to get well enough to not worry about passing my germs with the food I served.

BUT while down, I decided on this year's gardens. I have decide to try to do a 4 season garden. We miss our green veggies during the winter and they cost an arm and leg and then half the time because I have to buy a "big" container, I end up tossing part of it out before we get it ate. We just don't eat the same greens every day. I don't have that problem in the spring through fall as I only cut what I need. SO 4 seasons...that means extra seeds to buy...different varieties as we already know we get bored of the same thing. I don't grow the same green veggies in the fall that I grow in the spring.

I have placed the last of my seed orders(maybe HA HA) and in April (April 17th to be exact) the Produce auction will start for plants.

Meantime, it's organize organize organize and plan those garden plots.

Still recovering....slow and steady, a bit better daily, exhaustion is down to beyond tired  HA HA (NOT really funny).

Be safe, be healthy, live well.