Sunday, January 24, 2021

random thoughts

Slow down Sunday? 

Make it Happen Monday? 

Task for Tuesday?

Waste not, want not Wednesday?

Thankful Thursday?

Finally Friday?

Speed up Saturday? 

 I have a bored kid LOL

Did the budget

We are over in a few areas and under in some others so it balanced. BUT I don't want that to continue through this year. 

Instead of paying the bills, buying the groceries , blah blah blah and then saving what is left or putting it over on the debt AKA zeroing out. I paid the house bills (the electric is the only one that floats but I figured out the average as they don't do budget billing) then I pay all the "extra" amounts on the debt. Leaving what is left of groceries, fuel for dog truck, all the odds and ends that can nickel and dime you if you are not careful. 

I bought vacuum bags for my food saver, bought generic. I would like to have more wide mouth canning lids. Maybe 10 more dozen. The bulk store has not gotten any in yet.

I would like to buy some plants for the garden since I am not growing any of my own this year.  I priced them at Burpee as they are usually the most expensive.SO I at least have that cost. 

I down loaded 2020 orders from Amazon, check what I spent and on what. Pandemic cost us an extra 1k for things I wouldn't have bought.  I have set up a spreadsheet to track what I am buying and the costs for each month instead of at the end of the year. Daughter 4 is going to help keep me on track