Saturday, June 27, 2020

Saturday afternoon...nap time

This week has went by in a blur. 

Monday Hubby took H and B to their doctor appt. I went to mine... MRI needed... but can't see doctor to go over MRI until July 23rd...sigh, now have a soft brace to wear when the knee is giving me trouble or I am going to be walking a lot. Monday late evening Hubby got an emergency call that  another hauler blew his engine and couldn't go get a load of equipment in TN. SO Hubby left at 1 am Tuesday morning.

I have been having problems with calluses  on feet due to knee shifting how I walk. I was told to use equal parts of Listerine (no other mouth wash will work)apple cider vinegar and warm water and soak my feet for 15 minutes then use wash cloth to "wipe" my feet. THIS WORKS. and it didn't do anything to the skin that wasn't callused. I will have to do it a few more times for the one callus on my heel but at least my feet are not hurting or bleeding due to calluses.  

Tuesday I had to go get my truck from Son 2 and give him the jeep as his car was going to be in the shop longer and I need the truck to take dogs to vet. Total day was gone by time I got back as my knee was killing me...can't drive or sit in car with brace as it binds up on the back of my knee and causes MORE issues. I argued with myself about stopping for drive thru or fixing something when I got home.Drive thru won because I know myself well and know I wouldn't bother to fix anything at all.

Wednesday,I actually got crap done, several herbs in the dehydrators, laundry including bedding, furniture throws and extra stuff was washed, dried on clothes line... it was a nice day. Hubby got in worn out and after he ate he was asleep in his recliner before 5 pm.Repair guy called to change appt due to his grandmother dying. 

Thursday Reloaded dehydrators with more herbs, mints are going a bit nuts, glad they are in pots. Chiro went well, dropped of some things that are son 2's into his car at the shop as he was going to be picking it up with in an hour. Mechanic is keeping our jeep Son 2 was driving to do oil change, tire repair etc. Did not go to vet as our finance guy called early and needed to move up our conference. Repair man ran late. 

Friday took all 3 dogs to vet. Charlotte got her nails done and allergy shot. Wilbur got his nails done and now has surgery to remove a growth on his eye lid July 22nd. He now has to have an antibiotic gel put in his eye 3-4 times a day. I found if I reach from behind him and put a bit on his top eyelid he will not fight me over it and he blinks enough to get it into his eye.I put it to the side according to vet's directions. Rascal got his annual shot,nails clipped and has a torn ACL. They don't treat that type of injury and wanted to send us over to OSU in over an hour away..I found an orthopedic vet right here that the Amish use and will be making an appt for him through them. Not sure we can afford the surgery as I was warned it was expensive but he might be able to use a brace . He is not in any pain and that is the big one for me. He has good days (like today) and bad days (like I do). Both Wilbur and Rascal need to take a supplement for their joints. Good thing I had already got some on sale through

When we got home we spent 2 hrs gathering stuff to take to the township clean up... think 1 car garage of crap (1 layer not stacked) going . LORD Hubby had kept broken small appliances from when we lived at the old place.Said he thought to throw it in the dumpster when we first had it here     and forgot.We pulled enough cardboard to finish the air barrier in the last 2 attics and got rid of the rest.We had odds and ends for dinner and called it a night

Saturday , took the stuff to the township clean up, was in and out and thanked that we had things as organized as we did on the trailer. Since it was our trash company Hubby asked what we just saved since this was free for as the township was paying for it...$250. So thankful our township does this. They usually do it spring and fall but not sure what they will do...this one was to replace the spring one.

Hubby had a hauling job that was suppose to be in afternoon, he got it moved up and was done with it by 11 right as the storms started we called it a day. Didn't really have anything other than checking the gardens(rather have the rain so I don't need to water) today anyways. 

I put the dried herbs away out of the dehydrators, straightened some of the pantry...never ending job. Checked the non food and ordered frig filters, water filter (main line of water into the house) and furnace filters that we will be out of next round. Found them on sale on Amazon so ordered them and got enough to go a year. Maybe Covid will be done running around so much by then. 

A couple weeks ago ,I had ordered 12 bottles of Clorox toilet cleaner , the big bottle... found at less than $2 a bottle,figured that covered us and any kids... well the company selling them didn't have the size I ordered so sent  me 24 of the size below what I ordered (no extra charge) My kids were just cracking up over it...figured they would get some as Christmas presents. 

I pulled hamburger patties to go with lettuce and green onions from our gardens, tomato from N's garden and the leftover onion rings, with possible cheese sticks .

M sent over peas she had just picked (she's not had baby yet...week 41) I plan to have a few of them tonight and freeze the rest or make pea salad.... Hubby likes pea salad. Maybe I will just make him pea salad.

We are both tired. I hurt from so many car rides and the storms rolling through just makes it worse... best news is I have nice wide walking paths through the piles of crap in the barn. Next section to clear is the area where the broken old chest freezer is that E wants to use as an ice "house". Hubby pulled some tires and tossed them in the back of the old truck that he is getting rid of this week. THEN maybe he will finish getting the rest of the scrap metal out of  here after that. LOL

How did your week go?