Friday, December 2, 2022

End of canning for this year

 12 meals of turkey canned

15 pints of turkey broth canned

14 pints of kraut canned (after fermenting in crock)

I told Hubby I am done canning for this year. I will be taking the 4 canners and the large stock pot (25 lb. turkey fits in it) and moving them into storage so I can walk to the clothes washer or to my dresser in the laundry room without walking around canners or moving them. 

Hubby is installing the solar SIMPLE PUMP on our well pump this weekend. I've checked on him a couple times. He is doing fine just very slow going. 

The guy in charge of the Christmas dinner for the HAM radio group sent Hubby an update of what is coming so far. He is bringing a ham (wants us to bring bread and buns for it). Someone is bringing lasagna for those tired of ham. Sounds like some sort of salad is coming. Hubby is going to pull the list up when he is done for the day . It's a small group of about 30 with families included(that is less than us with the kids and their families). The other ham radio group Hubby used to be in was closer to 50-60 people with families included.

We are bouncing some thoughts on goals for next year around also.

I am heading for a nap as I just took the meds for the RSV and now I want to sleep LOL


  1. I'm not sure if we have any Christmas gatherings outside of family, or just meetups with friends small scale. My book club still is remote. I don't have near your canning and I feel I trip in stuff here too.

  2. Same here on the canning. I did a load of chicken breast on Friday and that is it until after Christmas. All the canning equipment went upstairs to the bonus room where it lives until January. I am hoping for some dry beans on sale for New Years because those need to be added to my canning shelves.