Monday, March 1, 2021

March in like a Lamb

 A big shout out to Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash for the lamb pic.

Just means March will go out like a lion. 

March is what we call the broken dam month... taxes ours, business and daughter's will be coming out this month. Daughter was able to cover her city and school taxes with the money she earned door dashing so she went ahead and paid them.

I will have $3300 to pay in medical.... at least that is my ( Hubby's is also $3300 but he never has that kind of medical bills) total out of pocket for the year. Got the first bill today.

We KNOW we need to install 3 more garden beds (2 for strawberries and 1 for veggies) We need dirt to transplant fruit trees to bigger pots (got the pots). I want some window boxes or pots for stuff also... I need to go walk the field for more rocks for the "rock" garden at the dining room windows freebie as it's OUR field.

We will be going to Kroger's for fresh produce since we will have a 3 hr wait between my first appt and our second appt tomorrow. Taking a cooler with us. 

MEANTIME... I would like the nerves in my leg to quit feeling like something is pinching them AND I would like to put my own sock on my own foot... I can take the sock off . I am taking my pain meds with me tomorrow because I figure about the surgeon does his thing and then I go through PT I will be in pain before I get home 90 min later.

What do you have plan for this month?

Blessed be


  1. Yeah, men! All the home work we do and then throw in a couple of kids under our feet while we're trying to do it, we ought to get medals!
    :D :D :D

    How is your pain level? Can you tell you have a new hip?

  2. So good to read you post today. Hope the pinching pain lessens as the days pass.

  3. Maybe inflammation is putting pressure on nerves? Hope you feel better.

  4. I have been meaning to tell you that I have a friend in her 70s, whose husband died suddenly and she found she was in a bad financial place due to a lifetime of bad decisions.

    Be that as it may, she needed to survive. After reading about your daughter doing so well with Doordash, I suggested it to her and she adores it. The schedule is completely flexible and she loves the work. So glad you have been telling us about it.

  5. Leg pain is what I am going through right now and did not have surgery. I hope you can put your socks on soon.