Friday, March 5, 2021

watch what you ask for

 I am bored, I want something to do became 

I have 48 hr stomach bug and now am rushing to the bathroom. So staying mostly in the bedroom since I can make it to the potty in time...


Daughter 4 has it also... we have NOT been around each other. I told her she gave it to me through texting. She thinks she picked it up at the center when she got blood work done.

I canceled physical therapy for today. They said they are getting cancelations from people that came in after 1 on Tuesday so they are thinking it was brought in to registration (for entire hospital)/ waiting room.

Since I have it and Hubby doesn't we figured the PT.  


  1. Maybe not pt for you, but I bet you are practicing moving more quickly! I hope you get better soon.

  2. Crap (that was not intended as a pun, it just came out, and that was not intended as a pun either) A little toilet humor

  3. Ugh! What a problem to have when you have had surgery.

  4. oh no, I'm sorry. Hope you feel better.