Monday, January 25, 2010

home canning

Yes I can year around. Fruits and veggies in season are no brainers of canning. I don't can much meat beyond my mock mince.


regularly I can broth and pasta sauce.

Yesterday I made beef broth, chicken broth and veggie broth AND pasta sauce with meat and veggies and pasta sauce plain.I processed the quarts last night after a dinner of corned beef hash and french toast ( used up the last of the store bought bread). Tonight after dinner I will can the pints before going on to making more veggie broth. Still trying to catch up with that from Tday and Christmas.Have 5 gal bags of veggie peels still in freezer.

on top of this I am putting an extra cooked dinner in freezer for hubby to eat while I am south working for 2 wks....

on top of trying to catch up some what on the never ending to do list....

have a blessed day


  1. Water bath or pressure canning?


  2. Water bath. I've never used a pressure canner. Still do it the way that my great great grandparents in the hills did.Dehydrate a lot of veggies and fruit also.