Tuesday, February 8, 2011

end of the month meals

I once asked my kids what was their favorite meal growing up was.

Beef and homemade noodles, homemade bread fresh from the oven and homemade (mock) KFC coleslaw. Poultry noodles ran second. Beef and veggies soup with homemade bread came in third.

It amazed me. It wasn't the Tday dinners or the pot roast but the very meals that I made when scraping the bottom of the barrel for food.

Homemade bread was common. I made several loaves at a time using an Amish recipe.I'd put it together around 5 AM and it would be ready to bake by 7-7:30 so I could have it done and cooling before I went to work at 8:30.If I was really with it I would make some on Saturday and Sunday afternoon to ease the work load for the week.

Noodles was a way to fill the tummies with very little. Some flour, salt and egg mixed together, rested, rolled, rested and cut.You can make enough noodles for a family of four with a couple cups of flour and a couple eggs. I would cooked them in beef broth(made from the scraps of bones or roast)or poultry broth (made from the carcus of the bird) or just water flavored with beef or poultry fat. Yes I said FAT. When you are poor you waste nothing. I would cool the broth,skim the hardened fat and freeze it. We didn't eat a lot of fat to begin with and a tablespoon or so in a dish that served a large family wasn't going to do damage.Now days I would also include vegetable broth made from the peelings of veggies that I use. A big thanks to Gayle over at www.grocerycartchallenge.blogspot.com. Just make sure the broth or water tastes like sea water(yes, that salty) BEFORE you add the the noodles. I have 2 kids that will make homemade noodles now.

Vegetable soup was made from a couple cups of beef broth that came from a pot roast along with any of the meat and veggies that didn't get ate from the last few days. I would toss a couple cans of mixed vegetables or what ever I had on hand, a can of tomato soup and a large can of tomato juice. Sometimes I added more tomato juice if we had a large crowd with the kids friends. I will do this now days with poultry also especially for hubby and myself as I will over load us with poultry broth if I'm not careful.

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