Tuesday, September 29, 2015


I got tomatoes canned as pasta sauce.

I dehydrated onions for onion flakes, celery, celery leaves,diced carrots and diced red bell peppers.

I canned bell peppers (sweet pickled) and beets pickled and regular.

I froze shredded zucchini, freezer slaw, asparagus beans,red noodle beans and green tomatoes I breaded.

I sold a baker's rack and picnic table with 6 chairs.

I went to a community yard sale with our son (and walked most the time as it was easier to park and then go get the car if needed which saved on gas). Scored some Christmas decorations to replace the ones that have worn out for next to nothing plus got another strainer (think tomato strainer if you can) to help with straining the apples I will start doing this week.I got some baking dishes to split with my son also. I also bought the baker's rack that I ended up selling to my son.My want vs his need for his new home. Plus he offered me twice of what I paid for it... which was $5. I picked up a blanket for 50¢ for a gift and another one for $1 to line some curtains with for upstairs for this winter.

I got started on washing cold weather clothes,bedding and curtains.

I gathered some seeds from my wild flowers to share with some others that have asked for seeds.Plus I think I will plant some in another area where we lost some bushes.

I saved 25% on my groceries combining coupons,sales and clearance.

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