Sunday, January 31, 2016

February goals

To cut the non-food amt spent to 2/3 rds of what it is running now. I don't think we can get it any cheaper than that because of the softener salt and filter we have to buy being out in the boonies. Still I will try.

I am looking for a cheaper place to buy printer ink.

I will combine sales and coupons which I started this month.

We will eat from the pantry. January we ate out 4 times and I bought Chinese from the store (so I count that as eating out). We would like to bring that down to 3 facing  Valentine's day  and our anniversary this month. I know we will eat at least once at the local restaurant for Lent as they have a great fish special on Fridays.

I put together a coupon book to keep better track of my coupons.I arranged it in the order of how I shop instead of alphabetical.

I downloaded a savings tracker

I am putting together a grocery price data workbook that will include my inventory. Goal is to buy at the cheapest and keep track of the inventory without going down and doing a count every month. Plus if possible (my friend that I call Guru) have place were it will let me know I should buy if on sale or a need now.

Hubby would like to retire in 3 yrs. So everything we do know needs to reflect that. Not only financially as in finishing off the last of the debt incurred when he went to 3 days a week for 2 yrs but in the home as of right now we rent a home of 2200 sq ft and use a 1 1/2 car garage, 2 stalls in the pig barn (no animals on the farm any more) and over half the farrowing house which would be 3 10x12 storage units. We want a  2-1/2 car garage and 1400 sq ft with a basement...lots to get rid off.

It's still too cold to plant here but I am hoping towards the end of the month I might be able to plant some lettuce and such in containers that I can cover when it's cold.

Blessed be


  1. Please share if you find cheaper printer ink. I'm nearly out and am postponing buying as it seems to have suddenly gone very very high, as though it weren't high enough to begin with.

    1. Terrie, A friend told me to check but to check first because it usually has coupons for

  2. I will have to say that the downsizing is turning out to be both brutal and freeing, if that makes sense. We are only getting started, but already have many, many hours in on our project of paring down before we put the house up on the market to sell. All of those decisions are difficult, but each area that gets cleaned out gives me a sense of peace and satisfaction. We had some friends help with the barn a couple of weeks ago, and today we will start on the shop--the really huge shop--you know, the one chock full of ..... I'm not looking forward to that job at all, but it has to be done! Good luck with your cleaning out.