Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Surgery update Celebrating

Why? First the surgery went very well and I didn't end up with the black eyes like I was warned I would have. Second after 2 wks I can wear my glasses. Even though my Doctor made a plastic bridge so I could, my face was too swollen for me to wear it.I can't read, drive or go outside in sunlight without glasses,I wear 4 pairs. I wasn't smiling in this picture because when I smile, my glasses slide down my nose, need to get those adjusted LOL. Recovery has been harder than I was prepared for and I still have the debridgement (final cleaning) for my nose on Friday. I was warned I would probably go backwards in recovery for 7-14 days.

On the frugal side, we didn't go anywhere except appts and one trip to the store to get more "quick" foods for Hubby to fix while I was down and to get more tissues as I had went through the first 10 boxes. For the month we remained on budget including the extra supplies needed due to the surgery and recovery.

We bought take out twice, both times fed us 4 meals for less than $5 a meal and I had actually figured on twice that amt in the food budget while I was down.

The car maintenance budget has taken a big hit, my son's car's front bearing is going out, he brought it to us for our mechanic to fix (his mechanic is having surgery) and I gave him my car and took his to our mechanic. The next day we had to call our mechanic and ask if we could drive it because our truck's fuel pump went out. So the mechanic brought us our son's car (can get back and forth to work last night but that's about it) and the fuel pump was ordered and should be in the truck today so we can once again get my son's car the to mechanic. MEANTIME my son calls and starts telling me things he found wasn't working right on MY car.Most of it Hubby can deal with if son doesn't go ahead and do on his own. I haven't been driving much since last fall and the car kind of sits. If Hubby didn't have to have a way to work I'd sell it but since his truck is a 1998 I'm not comfortable with it being the only thing here. Work is a bit too far away for him to be walking, let alone down a highway to get to work and he's the only one working 3rd in this area.

Blessed be

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