Monday, January 2, 2017

Jan menu and shopping

Since we are on the pantry challenge over at goodcheapeats. I decided we would only buy things that are on the basic weekly grocery list (no stocking up)...then Hubby decided we would only go to the store every 2 weeks...then I decided since we wasn't going to be in town for anything for 3 weeks we would go 3 weeks with picking up milk at the local IGA when he heads home from work in the mornings.

THEN I decided to not spend more that $100 for the month on food with the thought of closer to $50 for the month.

THEN ..ha ha I got to thinking about what would I be willing to buy

Apples as Hubby packs these in his lunches and also will eat them with peanut butter. Right now I have a good supply but by the end of the month I can see us need more.

Bananas as a requirement of my diet. This might be another pick up at the local IGA as I do NOT see me driving 30 min round trip for 7 bananas.

Celery, carrots,bell peppers, fresh mushrooms and dark greens. I have plenty of everything else in the pantry but I don't even have dried celery or dried carrots.

Vernor's ginger soda and Sprite...WHY because I am sick  😢and when my Crohn's flares up that's what the doctor's put me on also...especially the ginger soda. I do ginger tea but it can some times be too strong with my Crohn's so I drink the soda FLAT AND WARM.

AND the last would  be  milk, heavy cream, half and half and buttermilk. I have enough cottage cheese and cheese (dairy is my protein during Crohn's attacks) for the month. I have enough yogurt that if I need more I could make it if I had the milk to make it.

 I have the baking supplies for bread, biscuits,bagels, English muffins, flat bread, Naan bread, crescents (even though for some reason I have several store brand crescents ) and tortilla wraps.

The menu for the month

 Bfast we will rotate through pie, fruit muffins and fruit bread, oatmeal and cream of wheat (might do grits) Egg or bfast meat sandwich,  Sunday, Friday and Saturdays when Hubby working will be brunch...pancakes,waffles, French toast,frittatas (Big Egg is what Hubby calls it) or omelets. Not quite the Irish full fry but close.

Lunch, Hubby packs leftovers from our dinner or takes a lunch meat (can be meat I sliced off of roasts) wrap or sandwich. He prefers tortilla wraps or flat bread over regular bread most the time.

I will have mushroom soup, tomato soup, potato soup or egg drop soup. I will also have PB and honey or grilled cheese sandwiches Egg salad or tuna salad with crackers is an option. Sometimes I just do "snacks" for lunch like cheese, crackers and pickles or olives

Dinner, I listed the proteins instead of the sides...I do sides based on what I have already eaten and what Vit I still tonight I will need Vit A so I will make sure that what I eat will have that.


Seafood: mackerel patties, Salmon patties and tuna noodle casserole.

Soups and stews: Pasta e Fagioli (first day I don't add the pasta, second round I do) beef bourguignon or beef stew depending on if I want to make pot pie or add dumplings 2nd round. Brunswick stew, and bean soup.

Pork meals are roasted pork (LO pulled or Brunswick stew), pork chops, bulk sausage,sausage patties,smoked sausage, and ham (with lots of LO)

 Roasted beef (LO as stew, potpie or noodles) hamburger, fajitas, subs(mock Philly cheese steak) stroganoff  

Enchiladas with any meat

Grilled bologna ( from G&R Tavern in Waldo OH)

Homemade calzones and pizza

pasta , 123 pasta is a go to a lot...1 onion, 2 cups protein and 3 cups or more veggies... I will toss that combination on top of rice also.

We will do bfast for dinner also. I do have a list of meals that are stocked that can be prepared with in 15-20 min.

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