Monday, September 4, 2017

Frugal 1st week of Sept

I reread Brandy's ( posts along with all the comments on a daily bases, there always seem to be another suggestion or thought I can use.

I reread Brandy's ( post of eating from the pantry and checked her pantry menu to my pantry. I found a couple holes that will be filled as I didn't realize I was out of bouillon.

I finished Rehab at the hospital for my shoulder and can now work out at the wellness center where Hubby works. So instead of 2 trips at a 40 mile round trip each time at a total of 3 hrs away from home and cost of gas at $20.40 (current gas is $2.55). I will now do 3 trips to the wellness center which is a 10 mile round trip each time for a total of 3 hrs away from home (because I will take advantage of whirlpool which will equal in time of driving) and $7.65 at current gas price.

I use Hubby's bungee cords for my exercise bands instead of buying exercise bands here at home.

I washed foil, cold cereal inserts, and freezer bags for reuse.

I open curtains for sunshine, close at dark. Use lights only when necessary. Changed when I read so I am not using light just to read. I changed the bedside lamp to a smaller lamp with LED so if I do read after going to bed it's using a lamp that is cheaper to use, plus gave me a bit more room on the night stand.We don't get enough sunshine in the winter to use solar lamps.

I kept my grease from meats and onion "juice/oils" from cooking onions.

I tried to extend each main dish to feed us 2 -3 times, one to stretch our food but also to cut down on my time cooking meals when I am processing food for storage.

I canned (water bath aka cold packer)outside to cut down on electric costs as I am running 2 dehydrators and cut down on the heat in the house...which now I wouldn't mind some heat in the house as it's in the mid 60s in the mornings without the furnace. I ran the furnace 1 day on 62, kicked on 1 time, ran 30 min and didn't run again so OFF it went BUT at least we know our furnace is in working order unlike last year when it wasn't.I will be also using the pressure canner this week.

I continue to shop sales, coupons, rebates etc to stock up the pantry and non foods.

I rewrote the stock up list in a priority first with it listed per stores that I know I will be getting it BECAUSE  Hubby's company is changing next year's retirement he is coming out in Dec. That is the month I spend $$$ for restocking the staples that I used to make Thanksgiving and Christmas so that stock up is being done prior to the holidays. IF I have money I will get choc etc that goes on sale at Christmas.

I harvested tomatoes, eggplant, rosemary, thyme, oregano, basil and bell peppers.

I put the potted plants out in the yard around the annual flower bed so if it does rain as forecasted they will get watered, also looks good if it doesn't and I don't get out to move them back to the porch. 

Blessed Be

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  1. I was impressed by last week's picture of you having three canners going at once outside with propane stoves. One pot at a time is all I can manage!