Sunday, December 3, 2017


Hubby is officially retired from the plant. He has been asked repeatedly what he is going to do now. We figured it out with in hours...not clock in at the plant....make coffee...let dogs out and in ...he might retire quickly on the dog part as he was not thrilled to be up at 2 am since he was not at work. Ended up with both of us up and wide awake.

I do have a post it note on the microwave of his honey to do list...there is 2 things on it. My honey do list is 5 pages long LOL.

We divided the home blessing. I swish and swipe the bathroom, shine mirrors and windows, dust and declutter .He vacuums and hauls out trash and Goodwill donations. We will share sweeping and mopping the kitchen, butler's pantry, mudroom and bath as long as we have a swiffer wet mop. We both do laundry and dishes. Not sure what days that all will happen on as I won't be trying to not be noisy while he is sleeping.

We have to figure out going to the end of the lane for the mail since he won't be picking up as he leaves for work. Mail box is  2/10ths (why do they not call it 1/5th?) of a mile down the lane.

I might have to start crossing days off on the calendar to remember which day it is, we've lost track a couple time when he was on shut down.

MEAL is a big issue as our eating schedules are the same... I don't eat much bfast if any, he eats a bowl of cereal or something light because he was going to bed. I eat lunch at 11:30 with meds, he doesn't want to eat lunch since he is fighting sleep, I eat a snack at 2 with med , he wants to eat lunch if he is awake. We decided to have dinner at 4:30 so we could eat at the table instead of on tv trays and catch the news. THEN he wants a snack at 11 pm because that was his break at work and was hungry at 2 another break time at work. I can guess around 4:30 this morning he will be hungry also as that is his work lunch time. PLUS we haven't stayed with our menu at all this week. We see where the issues will be on that part.

It's going to be an interesting year.
Blessed Be


  1. My husband has been home for a little over 11 months now. His is due to a brain injury from lack of oxygen from a massive heart attack on Dec 27, 2016. He is now on disability but I think I have finally convinced him to say he is retired. I love having him here all day every day. He commented a few weeks ago that all we do is work all day and I laughed and asked him what he thought I was doing all day here at home when he was at work. We really adjusted pretty quick and I am sure you two will too. It is really quite nice once you get it figured out. About one morning a week we through the schedule out the window and sleep late and just have a laid back day. Enjoy it!

    1. we thought we slept late when the dogs didn't get us up to go out before 4 am LOL. I am happy for both of you and yes he needs to say retired.

  2. Your husband's appetite will sync up with yours eventually. Working graveyard for years has got to have set some habits, but pretty soon he'll be on your schedule. Now, as for the dogs' bladders, that's a whole other matter. Do you just wait for them to be through and them let them back in? Wow, that has got to be cold.

    1. actually we propped the storm door to the mudroom open and left the door open so they can come in to the mudroom when they are done and ready to come in. We have a door between the mudroom and kitchen, if the dogs hit it hard enough and we don't latch it they can let themselves in and all are good of letting us know they are in. If we latch it (we do now that it is cold) they hit it hard enough we hear it or they jump up and paw the plexiglass that we put in so they aren't jumping on glass glass. Our grandson always let the dogs out at 4 we just found out as he was first to get up and first in the shower. Best way to get hot water according to him LOL