Wednesday, February 28, 2018

March groceries 2.24.2018



heavy cream

half and half

sour cream

cottage cheese

Greek yogurt (we don't eat enough to make it worth my making myself)

lettuce Romaine for sure possible living bibb as it last longer than others for me

lunch meat (on sale and with coupon)



celery(if we finish what we have)

whole chicken if below $1/lb

AND ON 2.25.2018 my main 26 cubic ft frig took a crap. The good news on this is I caught it before I lost all that was in it's freezer but lost a lot out of the frig. Two and half hours of working on it, ice was at the fan and had stopped the fan from circulating the air. Something that had happened three times with this and the last time we had a friend who makes his living doing appliances repairs show me how to deal with it. SO we dealt with it... then another 2 1/2 hrs to cool it back down and put what didn't get tossed back in (2nd frig and 2 coolers loaded to save what we could)

Today I went to the store armed with grocery list, coupons and sales.
$257 later I have restocked with saving $68. 25 in coupons and $15 by buying what I could at Aldi's before going to Krogers.

I got
milk, heavy cream, half and half, cottage cheese(coupon and sale), sour cream(couponand sale), chip dip(coupon and sale) and yogurt(coupon). I got 2 free cheeses also(coupon and sale).

ham lunchmeat (Aldis save $1.20)
turkey lunchmeat(Aldis save $1.20)
frozen chicken breast (Krogers 3 lb bag normal price $9.99 on sale for $5.37 and had $1.25 coupon)

apples,pears(coupon and sale),asparagus (sale),spinach(coupon and sale), mixed baby lettuce(coupon and sale), bibb living lettuce, romaine lettuce,roma tomatoes(sale), avocados, cherry tomatoes(coupons and sale), lemons(sale), limes(sale), cutie oranges(coupon and sale), mushrooms (White and portabella) (coupon and mark down)baby carrots(coupon made them free), celery, colored bell peppers,strawberries,bananas,broccoli and a free Nourish bowl of brussels sprouts mix.

Icecream (coupon and sale)
potstickers (coupon and sale ...that night's dinner)
eggrolls (coupon and sale ,,,that night's dinner)
fried rice (coupon and sale , that night's dinner)
2 stirfries (coupon and sale, that's night dinner )
caulflower (coupon and sale)
corn (coupon and sale)

4 cans of corn that normally are 89¢ a can and the 4 pack was $1.99
bagels(coupon and sale)
English muffins(coupon and sale)
potato chips, fritos and puffed corn (on sale and coupons)
granola bars for Daughter2 to carry in her purse for when her sugar drops so she doesn't have to get fast food and me to carry when we start working on 209.

I knew if I didn't buy something at the store we would be ordering out or eating out and the Asian food not only did that night dinner but lunch for the next day (okay I ate eggrolls for bfast, Daughter2 ate potstickers for late night snack) and dinner tonight. I might have enough to mix together and put in freezer to have in a couple weeks.

Blessed Be


  1. We went through that enough times with our second fridge that I finally said enough was enough. We made do with one until I had enough credit card rewards to buy a new one. When we got rid of the old one our utility bill dropped $30 a month. New one energy tag says $42 to run per year. We wasted an awful lot of money running that old fridge. We knew a man who worked in research for GE and he always replaced their refrigerator every five years because of energy savings. He said the new one would pay for itself and now we have really seen that. The new one did not even change the power bill. Inside big fridge will be 5 yr old this fall. Question is whether we have the money to replace it or will be socked by high power bills to keep it going.

  2. We ordered a new one for 209 but it won't be in for a couple more weeks. I use the 2nd one as my holding when the gardens run me over and for holiday cooking.AND my meds that need refrigerate. After a lot of debate we decided to keep the one we fixed (Energy star and only 10 yrs old) and give the old one that is NOT energy star and is 12 yrs old to our daughter who just told us today that her frig will not handle their move in June.That frig is 25 yrs old.She might decide to use it as a 2nd frig also.

  3. It's so frustrating when that happens! Because my second fridge died when we moved here, I've been making do with the old one that was in the house when we moved in, and my camper fridge. (I left my fridge at the house we sold--it wasn't great, but the lady wanted it).
    It's not ideal, but every time I collect the money for a new one, we have a disaster, like the stove breaking, the microwave breaking, an unexpected huge medical bill, and so forth. So, I build the fund back up and count my blessings that I even have that fund at all. Now this old one has pieces breaking off the vegetable drawers...hmmmm. At least it runs for now:)

    I'm glad to hear you are all stocked up again. That's always a nice feeling, and now it is all fresh.