Saturday, August 25, 2018


or at least the main floor is done.

A good cleaning left to do in the mudroom , east loft and west loft.
Contractor already hired to redo south and north loft (our schedule conflicted with his or it would have already been done).

New furniture is in.

I've ordered slider shelves for a couple of the cabinets that will hold pots and pans.

Loads left to move...

1 of furniture. (plus one to take mantle to daughter 1)

2 of pantry(including freezer and frig)

2 of household (pots, pans, dishes, holiday stuff etc)

1 in farrowing house

Hubby said 3 in garage with all his tools and tables etc but I think only 2.

and then cleaning here.

Plan is to be OUT of here completely by the 30th/31st except for cleaning part.

I doubt if we pack, load and unload and Reload 2 times a day... but we will see.

View from front room door way through dining area unto kitchen, you can even see the lime green laundry room

what is now sitting between the stove and the cabinets so MAYBE we won't be stupid and sit a hot pan down on my onyx counter tops.
I'm not going to put up my knife magnetic strips or the paper towel holder etc until I see how I actually use the set up of this kitchen. We have decided to try to be zero waste so I need to now work on how to set that up when our recycling is only once a month at the township hall. The Amish family next door offered to help do that as they are zero waste.

This is my new china hutch. I'm still thinking of how to put what dishes in it. The every day dishes will probably go in caddy that is sitting on the end of the counter right now.

I've ordered sliders for a couple of cabinets for the pots and pans since I put the Hoosier where  I was going to hang my pegboard. The corner cabinet I already decided for small appliances. The rest is kind of wait and see.

Oh yeah... 20 yrs later, we got new furniture ...
The was my Mother's rocker she had when she died. It won't be sitting here for long as I want a "game/puzzle table to sit here so it will most likely move to dining area or even the bedroom. Either place where I can sit and read.

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  1. Thanks for all the pictures. Keep posting them. I love your china hutch but I have to say your house looks huge. You must have to pack a lunch to walk from one end to the other.