Monday, February 11, 2019

Frugal moments

I made biscuits and they were actually decent, not up to Southern standards but decent.

I made rivel soup from potatoes, onions, flour from the pantry and the free eggs we get each week.

I had a couple onions going bad so I cut them up and fried them with bulk sausage that we can either add eggs to for a meal or make gravy with it.

I tossed what leftovers was in the frig with pasta and called it dinner.

I baked bread.

I did laundry on quick wash, cold water, homemade laundry soap. Hung everything either on kitchen porch clothes line, drying rack or shower bars. I used my "sock drying rack" to also dry dish cloths.

We turned the furnace down to 55 when we leave. Good thing yesterday because Hubby forgot to lock the basement door and the dogs let themselves in  through the basement but that meant the basement door was open along with the door to the 1st floor from the basement for 6 hrs. (Neighbor saw them go down right after we left and didn't come back out until right before we got home.  No heat vents there and it was 22 degrees out. Thankful the collapsed garage in the box cover was still across the basement ramp so it helped keep the cold out. Hubby left if so if the dogs didn't want to go to the kennel in the barn when we are gone but the porch (which is where they prefer to hang out) was getting rain or snow they could go down under the cover and be out of the weather also. I locked the basement door.

We saw Dad, first time since I got down sick, he is doing really good. My brother texted me while we was there that he was down with his IBS so I let the staff know Brother wouldn't be stopping by. He usually spends Saturday evening with Dad. He is better today so it going to stop this afternoon. Then we went to Walgreen so I could use the points off my card and get Vit D which they had on sale and I am almost out of. Since Hubby's parents live within 2 miles of Walgreen I suggested we do a pit stop and check on them. They are doing okay. We went on to Menards since they are having the 11% rebate going on, got garden stuff using the last rebates we got. We should get the new rebate back in time to buy filters for the house.Then Hubby suggested since I felt decent and Valentines and our anniversary was coming up that we stop at the local restuarant and have a meal. He paid out of his money. I brought home my leftovers.

We know we will need ice for when the asparagus starts coming in so instead of turning off the ice maker or just dumping ice I am bagging it and putting it in the white space of the freezers, helps keep the freezers from running so much also.

Hubby worked over the weekend and threw our routine off a bit. He is trying to decide whether he wants to do seasonal work for the state this summer or not.

How was your week?


  1. Can you get White Lily self rising flour there? That is the key to a Southern biscuit! I have made so many biscuits over 40 years of marriage and raising 5 kids that I think I could probably do it in my sleep.

    We threw in the towel on looking for a downsize house. Everything out there is way older than our house and needs a complete renovation. We looked around here and realized that our house does not need a single repair but it just hard for me because of the stairs. It will cost far less money to put in a chair lift in the stairs and just stay. We love our home and our neighbors and would just rather stay here anyway. I will establish a budget category for when we need to hire someone to do something on a ladder. It is pure peace to just let it go and decide that we are done.

    1. I have to order it but I suck it up the price. This last batch was made with White Lily Ap... I'll google the recipe with self rising and try that out.

      CHeck the width's of doors and areas for wheelchair turn around. This caught my in laws when Mother in law had to use a walker and found she couldn't get the walker through the only bathroom door, let alone a wheelchair. Family member already looking at cost of changing things as they bough this house just 5 yrs ago. We have priced chair lift for basement or enclosing a way from the kitchen porch to the ramp that goes down to the basement.

  2. I worry about doggies out in the cold. Is it warmer in your basement?

    1. Doggies have a kennel in the barn AND they can get under the garage in a box for cover even though it's laying flat, Hubby made platforms for both areas so they are not laying on anything wet and we put a weather proof rug out with nice warm dry doggy beds in 2 locations. The kennel has straw. We also won't leave them if the weather is getting nasty, high winds (as Rascal is afraid of high winds) or sleet. Amish neighbor also would come over and put them in safe when he does his horses as he can see if they are out and we are gone, and the weather got nasty. The kennel would be the warmest over the 3 area's but they like to go bark at Linda, Amish neighbor's dog that goes up and down the road visiting the widow next door several times a day. Who also checks on our dogs.

  3. It also occurs to me that you might make a nice part time gig out of driving your Amish neighbors to their appointments. Since you are next door, it would be so easy for them to contact you.

    1. I did that last week. I do go to the store once in awhile for the lady.Hubby gets their kerosene and gas for them every other week...we get two dozen eggs for free that would cost us $4-$7 at the store for each dozen. Hubby is called New driver and I am called Long hair new driver... guess most the English ladies around here have short hair and I am basically the only one with waist length hair that wears it down and uncovered :)