Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Goals for next two weeks


All bills paid ahead and taxes finished.

Hoops jumped for insurance to pay for my biologic meds to keep my costs DOWN.

GOD willing, that we win the bid on the livestock trailer that is at auction on April 6th. We have set the highest amount we are willing go even though actually the trailer is worth about 1/4 more than we are willing to bid. IF we get the trailer it will almost double our income from hauling as E has told his he would drop the hauler he is using now because he over charges, like 4 times the amount others do and charges different prices for the same work depending on who you are. He doesn't have a good rep even with the Englishers that use him.

Savings of 2-3 months income and rebuild to a year.


All seeds started including seed block, potting soil etc. MAYBE depending on weather, grow bags for potatoes.

Hubby needs to spray dorminate oil on apple trees (if the freaking rain would quit for a couple days )

I need to prune and spray Neem oil on the grape harbor once again rain interferes.

Remove all limbs that we trimmed off trees and bushes that we left sit due to high winds.

I need to figure out where I am starting the compost pile. I am thinking of just trenching in the garden like my Daddy did.


I am starting the spring cleaning. I will start in the kitchen/dining room as they are open floor plan. That way if it takes me the whole time I have before possible surgery that area where I spend most my time done plus it's the area that will drive me bonkers if not clean. I will then do bathrooms, mine before Hubby's and then move on to another room depending on what is going on and how I feel. I figure the kitchen dining room will take at least 10 days. Bathrooms should both be able to be done in a day each.

I am getting better at keeping to a daily routine of cleaning that means less decluttering. Unless it's paper and it breeds in drawers or boxes in the barn they breed also.

I would like to have at least the baby freezer in the barn, defrosted, cleaned and restocked, organized and inventoried. Then when the asparagus comes on I have a place to put it and not bury it in the other freezers.


Hubby is concerned with the weight he has picked up  so after lots of thoughts and such tossed around we decided on the "plan"

Breakfast is going to be our main meal... which means that we have to be up at least 2 hrs before we eat (remember, his bfast for over 30 yrs was my supper since he worked nights so that big meal is what he is used to). I will start doing prep work for bfasts the night before.

He wants and I agree to protein, grain, fruit, dairy and possible veggies thinking of omelets, frittias, zucchini bread pancakes,bfast burritos etc. He isn't one for dairy unless it's cheese or ice cream, I am trying to add yogurt to that rotation for him. He does okay with it with granola or as a topping on fruit/dessert. I plan to make pancakes and waffles for the freezer. Maybe some muffins or fruit bread or both for the freezer. Put in one servings sizes so we can have choices.

Lunch will need to be able to be eaten in 30 mins. that's about what the Amish do so I am looking at casseroles or 1 dish meals that I can prep that morning or night before and finish at lunch. E's wife, M told me she does a boiled pasta(with butter.) a vegetable and a meat, usually bologna or summer sausage and some dessert for lunch.

Supper will either be something on the grill, soup, salad and sandwiches. I am thinking of having him put the grill on the front porch until we get the deck put on this summer. I REALLY have missed the grill.

I also noticed he will eat bread daily if it's a different type of bread, this past week we had pretzel buns(Sister of my heart gave me frozen ones) store bought frozen rolls, homemade rolls and artisan bread loaf. He mentioned he would like toast and French toast this coming week so I will make a style of bread for that. PLUS tortilla wraps. I would like English muffins and want to try to make bagels for Hubby.

I want to put a variety of dough for 4-6 loaves of bread dough, 2-3 dozen rolls in the freezer  and a 3-4 dozen tortilla wraps. Some pie also... maybe hand pies or what some call lunch box pie. As Hubby does cook, will bake cake or cookies ,would put bread/rolls to rise and bake and bake pies but don't ask him to make the dough LOL.

Instead of prepping meals for the freezer to be reheated, I decided to "gather" the rest of the odd's and ends, list them and we eat them while I am in recovery. IF I get the baby freezer defrosted, I can put all of it there along with the extra ice we are getting from the frig( I use 50-80 lbs a week while blanching in the summer).


  1. Those are some great goals, now get to work, but domn't spend any money....:)

  2. Spent money LOL... Aldi right down from Doc office on Wed so I got raisins we were completely out of and sweet potatoes to make a black eye peas sweet potato stew and bananas. Washed salt off my car also and made co pay. I covered it with the money I made the other day with Amish. LOL

  3. Good luck on the auction. Be sure to let us know.