Tuesday, July 30, 2019

update on curtains

Old curtains
west side of dining room

east side of dining room

New curtains for all 3 windows

Old curtains in front room which are dark brown
new curtains for 4 windows. You can't tell it but this room is the crimson red room

Old curtain bathroom
new curtain for 1  window

Old curtain for office with rolled up towel at bottom

New curtain office
Old curtain for French doors

New curtains for French doors

We love the pattern even though Daughter 4 said it was grandma-ish (which I pointed out to her that 2 of her older sisters are both grandmas)

It looks close to the border I had in our kitchen when the kids were growing up...

But here it the DUH moment which is going to take a few hours to fix . I did tell the kids that it was so the dogs could lay and look out, which they do but that isn't what happened. I wrote the wrong measurement down 3 times.

Thankfully I do have more of the material and will have the lovely task of matching the print so the new seam won't show as much as it could. I plan to add to the top after I pick out all the seams bottom and top...


ANYWAYS today is not a sewing day unless I get around to it. I have 6 cases of canning jars that need cleaned and new lids and rings put on them along with Son 2 trash can to bring back in and hose down as he washes it every week so it don't stink from used cat litter and I promised to do so also. I have paper work to catch up on that shouldn't be put off any longer.  I will do ironing and pinning for tomorrow's sewing tonight.

stop and see the beauty and count your blessings...


  1. I always measure curtains wrong, it drives me nuts. Are you about done with this job?

    1. don't I wish... I would be but since I had to make my own patterns I decided to go ahead and cut and sew the winter curtains.