Friday, October 18, 2019


The Pantry is stocked.

IF I find blueberry pie filling, peach pie filling, Italian green beans (our favorite for one pot ham, potatoes and green beans) and small black olives I will pick some up as we are low in these areas but if we run out, it's not a issue.

I canned pomegranate molasses and am working on balsmatic vinegar reduction today.

I have beets to finish. We decided to can them plain so I can make some different chutneys with them.Hubby has been recipe surfing and has over a dozen bookmarked.

I have  a few tomatoes to deal with

I have cabbage (hopefully the bugs haven't ate it completely) in the garden to come in this weekend.

I have red onions to pickle.

I have yellow onions to make in to marinade.

BUT the pantry is stocked. I need to straighten it up and finish inventorying it but no more looking for bargains.

 We would like a ham and a turkey. I don't think we need more than that as I have brisket still that needs ate first.


  1. Well I hope it is stocked as you have been working so hard.

  2. Wow, is this the two years worth that you had been hoping for?

    I have a couple of weeks worth of food and feel pretty good about it. 😀

    1. Some will make it 2 yrs... others a year...IF I pick up 2 packages of frozen broccoli, 2 packages of frozen cauliflower, and one package for frozen Brussels Sprouts a month.