Monday, January 27, 2020

Eating from the pantry .... planning garden

From the pantry

sweet potato hash, fried eggs , hominy, spinach and mandarin oranges

one pot Italian green beans, potatoes and ham, corn bread and pears

meatloaf, mashed potatoes, corn, leftover green beans and peaches

beef enchilada casserole, Spanish rice, beets and mango

turkey noodles over mashed potatoes, freezer slaw, tropical fruit

Hungarian cabbage rolls, acorn squash, pineapple

Loaded calzones, veggie platter with Ranch dip

Cuban black beans with rice, sunshine salad and custard.

Leftovers will be wrapped and frozen for next month.

In the garden.

After much debate and figuring up what we had at the old place which I took care of that we would do the same here. I did insist on 90 % being either in pots or in above ground square foot gardens. I do need to figure out the cost of building the beds (we have a few left) and dirt.

I did a 5 day class of growing food for the year and was able to figure out how much to plant of what I NEED to grow myself. The rest I will buy either from Amish or farmer markets.

This week since I am still recovering from the high cortisol and have now slide in to the chronic fatigue part I am just doing the planning of the garden and ordering seeds. I also ordered some plants I can't get around here and haven't done well trying to raise myself.

How is things going with you?
Blessed Be


  1. I certainly don't have your challenges but I will be having people to visit a couple of times in February so I need to get the flower garden in order. It's only the front and back yard but there are a million and a half small, green broad leaf weeds that need to be pulled. And I have to lower my 71 year old carcass onto the ground to read them. I guess I have to sacrifice a bit for spring beauty.

  2. I am thinking planting. However, tulips and daffodils are first. I plant the purple tulips with the daffodils and they are beautiful together, all mixed up. They should have been planted by now.

    1. I have daffodils and crocus that I should have planted last fall.

    2. You can plant tulips and daffodils now, and they will come up in the spring.