Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Frugal planning

Harvest of onions, blackberries, a handful of the last of the green beans, some lettuce that is slowly going to bolt , a handful of little finger carrots (I dehydrated the tops) and 5.4 oz of pinto beans after I shelled them... every mouthful counts. 

I inventoried all non food, medical and food as I saw where the banks are expecting things to get worse. I plan to have enough in the house to go a year .

Brother is setting up the appointment with Daddy's finance guy for us to deal with those IRAs. 

Hubby got rid of the old truck (FINALLY) so it's off the insurance and we got a small amount of money from it. Next I can nag about the scrap metal that needs to go.

I think I am going to do a pantry challenge the month of August... not a normal time for me to do it (that's usually Jan and June) but think I need to be do better. 

HOT  HERE , 90-100 and we finally got some rain last night .... 1/2 inch which makes it 1 inch for the month of July.

How is it going in your home?

Blessed Be  


  1. A rain a few minutes ago here cooled us off the 86 degrees. Two years are my goals.
    like you say, every bite counts. My garden is dead except for the eggplant which i hate.

    1. I have a friend up in Huntsville that told me yesterday that going outside was like swimming in pea soup.

    2. We call the ' air you can wear'!

  2. I'm out picking a little bit of this and a little bit of that every single day now, as well. It's nice to get it all.

  3. Love that you got rid of the old truck. My husband's father never got rid of broken down cars just parked them on his property. His aunt was a hoarder and no one had entered her house for over 20 years. Husband would have a tendency to hang onto unused things but his wife (me) had developed quite the evil eye.

    My tombstone will say, "A place for everything, and everything in its place." :)

    1. LOL.. Hubby's one grandpa was like that. My brother is now up to 6 storage units because his wife refuses to live like that