Monday, July 13, 2020

Life keeps right on rolling

Yesterday I spent the morning scanning pictures for the funeral home. I sent a couple of them along to brother. I found a couple more for brother of him holding me, our younger brother and the neighbor's baby girl that died when she was young that I will scan today and send to him. 

M had sent over 5 steaks that were 6 inches by 9 inches and at least 1 inch thick late ( like around 9 pm)Saturday night. I froze 4 of them and we had one on Sunday. It was too late for her to grind them, cook it and then can it and they don't eat steak. Told me if I didn't want them to feed them to the dogs. YES REALLY .They had butchered a steer for an Englisher who couldn't find a place to take it to be butchered... earliest to get in to butcher was late August. The steak had great flavor. One is going to be a roast LOL.

I pulled onions again, now covering a 1 ft wide by 25 ft on my front porch to start curing while the first batch is curing on the table in the hoop house that isn't all together yet..the hoop house not the onions. I cut the dried tops off the hoop house onions this morning... a few still need to be drier before I cut the last of the tops. Ones that have damage will most likely end up in dehydrator to become onion powder.

I harvest thyme and blackberries yesterday. Blackberries are going into jam and syrup this round. I have some dehydrated, frozen and canned as fruit and pie filling.

We talked about getting rid of the outhouse since it blew over. Decided against it. IF we lose power we have a generator... but if we run out of fuel for it we have no water. A friend in Alabama told us that getting fuel after a tornado was next to impossible for almost a month. Our son said when his area was hit he was driving almost 40 miles to get fuel and it was limited gallons. SO we have a fuel tank... we just need to decide diesel or gas.  We have 2 generators one of each.I am thankful the Amish that lived here put it over the septic tank. We just have to move it when it gets pumped out. 

I changed several medical appts that was going to be Thursday so that's off my to do list.

We didn't have pallbears, wasn't sure who could take off work. I think everyone of the grandkids that can get off work are carrying their great grandpa. My oldest granddaughter who just came out of military is going to carry him also. People thought Daddy was weird because he always went to baby showers and played the games with the women... She is walking is his footsteps.. a soldier carrying a soldier. 

Washer buzzing.. Charlotte cut her paw on something last night when Hubby left her out... she had blood smears on every pillow right through the pillow case. So pillows are now in washer...

Be safe  and let your loved ones know you think of them.

Blessed be


  1. This new house we are moving into does not have a fireplace and I always want an alternative heat source should we lose power. Don't know how to really handle that other than to use a generator.

    1. would you have a place to install a small gas fireplace? with a 100 gal tank on the outside of the house if you are all electric?... Our generator is wired to the breaker box and plugged in all the time. It's uncover and flipped two switches and go. It still up against the house where it's protected.

  2. Having been one of your faithful followers, husband and I have given a lot of thought to stocking up considering the pandemic and possible shopping conditions. We are seniors and, of course, like staying out of stores for a number of reasons and have given much thought to buying a small freezer. We can cram about a month's worth of meat in our fridge/freezer and have decided we are okay about that being enough. We don't see catastrophic interruptions to America's food supplies, and if we have to we'll eat less meat. However, we CAN store dried goods easily enough. As Amy Dacyzyn pointed out, there are closets, under beds, behind sofas, and lots of nooks and crannies if one really looks. So we have stocked up on canned goods, toiletries, paper goods and pet food.

    We feel quite prepared. Now, if we can just avoid that pesky virus.

  3. there is already a problem with meat and dairy. The factories that process those items are closed or only half open to meet COVID rules. Butcher shop here is 3 months behind on butchering... no meat for the one store with in a mile for 4 more months. All of it's going to the bigger markets and those are low is supplies

  4. Thanks for the read it was nice...

  5. Maybe it's regional. I see no shortage of meat at all here in So. Cal. I shop Costco and Winco, don't know about the other chains.