Sunday, August 2, 2020

August 1st... work to get done, changing the fall cleaning routine.

 There are several projects that hasn't gotten done that needs knocked out this month. 

We won't be redoing the broken hoop house this fall but if I can figure something out I might get another round of lettuce and radishes planted.

Deck railing isn't done, nor is fixing the patio table from the storm damage.

The basement ramp is not done.

The kitchen porch is not done.

The tower is not up.

The gravel is not leveled out.

I have peaches to finish, blackberries, tomatoes, kale, dried beans, onions, potatoes and herbs to deal with this week. I need to make noodles for the pantry also.

I need to take the propane contract in and get that paid.

I need to call the ortho vet  to schedule Rascal to have his ACL checked.

I need to call the dentist that the Amish use here and see if they are taking new patients.

There is 150 things still on the punch list of things to do on this home. The list is 2 yrs old at the end of this month. It started over 1000. 

It's August... time I start fall cleaning and getting things around for winter. Which means I change my routine...only I don't have a routine since we moved here. It's been more of fly by the seat of my pants kind of thing. Which is now bothering not only me but Hubby. 

I usually just clean one room at a time for fall cleaning after weekly cleaning.... since I only get the daily done and not the weekly I googled and checked out housekeeping routines and deep cleaning.

During the 1950's the average time a stay at home woman spent cleaning the home was 42 hrs. Followed by 20 hrs of deep cleaning on top of 18 hrs dealing with meals. 

I added a few things to my daily. Changed the weekly and then worked on the deep cleaning. I ended up with 10 weeks with the acknowledgement it might be closer to 12. I don't see daughter 4 coming up to help as she just changed jobs. 

I made a menu of bfast, lunch and supper... I need to decide on snacks and desserts for this week. Tomorrow bfast is oatmeal. I placed it on the table. I can see Hubby grabbing toast as he is taking Wilbur to the vet at 6 am for surgery to remove a growth from his eye lid. They were going to do it over a week ago but his allergies kicked up and he had a nasty cough. Four days on steroids and it was gone but I kept him on them until they are gone as I know if I don't he will get the cough right back. Always does until middle of August. 

Deep cleaning schedule with decluttering/organizing included.

Week 1

Checking each room for needed those repairs if we have what it takes to do so or put on buy list of what is needed to fix it.

Make list of things needed replaced or remove things not needed 

Week 2 

ALL cabinets and shelves...granted most in the pantry have already been done

Week 3

Closets (we don't have any but have 2 racks and 3 wardrobes) and knick knacks which actually belong to Mother and Daddy. 

Week 4

Kitchen, all refrigerators, and check freezers to make sure none need defrosted (usually a spring thing)

Week 5

Pantry and the entrance to the basement from the ramp commonly referred to as either the washer room (wringer washer is there) or the bucket room as all the buckets of food sit there .

Week 6 

Lights, windows inside and out , winter curtains washed and hung, summer curtains washed and put away

Week 7

Walls... I have 19 areas of walls. I divided them up as four rooms a day ... and this is the week that might extend the amount of weeks. 

Week 8

Floors...I have door rugs that will need cleaned.I am hoping to talk Son 2 into bringing his rug cleaner up and cleaning the door rugs and the upholstery furniture at the same time for me instead of just lending me the cleaner. 

Week 9 

Give the furniture a good polish . Wash winter furniture covers and throws and put them out, clean the summer ones and put them in storage. 

Week 10 

Clean out the garden shed and set up for seed starting in Jan and planting next spring. 

Week 11 

Start cleaning the barn which will take a very long time to go through LOL But got to start sometime

That puts starting on the barn mid Oct. Probably a good times as it's freaking hot in there since it's ALL metal. 

Do you do seasonal cleaning? Do you have a routine of daily or weekly cleaning?

Blessed be everyone


  1. That is a lot to do. I am working much less slowly as i do not have permission to Plus, getting to bottom of refrigerator is impossible for me. It needs cleaning bad! Good luck on all the cleaning ahead of you.

  2. I'm chuckling at your fall cleaning that starts in August. I well remember longingly looking at ads for beautiful fall clothes, sweaters and plaid things, that come out in September. I live in the So. Cal desert. The average rainfall for my town is supposed to be 12 inches, but it has certainly been less than that the last few years.

    August is unbearable and September is our hottest month yet. Most of the next two months will be over 100. It will BEGIN to cool some in October.

    I don't mean to whine about it. This is a wonderful small city, but oh, I do long for rain all the time.

  3. we went almost 3 wks without water with above 90 degrees (broke all sorts of records) and we whined about it. I was just reading during the dust bowl they went 37 days straight over 100 in heat (one was 117) and no rain (and no fans or AC back then)