Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Great Saphenous vein surgery

 on left leg due to damage from a blood clot (not DVT OR EB) . Procedure 1 will be fiber optic laser on Dec 2nd. Procedure 2 will be injection two weeks later. Good news is my body still makes veins.. it shows in the ultra sound and the right leg has good veins. Better news is due to it NOT being cosmetic surgery, it causing my bp to drop when I stand up or sit up in bed AND it raises my BP when I walk. Guess it can't make up it's mind ? 

 I am thankful that the doctor decided to bill it all including follow up appts as one amount so everything would be covered under this year's insurance which I have already maxed my out of pocket and co pays.

I do have to have blood work down but they agreed it could be done the week before when  I get my other blood work done.

Bad news is I have to go back to the ortho because the ultra sound of the right leg showed nothing from the veins so it has to be a muscle problem...That appt is now Monday at noon since they had a cancelation . BUT thankful they got me in now so it's on this year's ins

Good news is... the brussels sprout plants are pulled YEA!!!! I got 4 gallons of sprouts now in the freezer.   I still have 5 trays of green tomatoes.... well it's 4 trays as one is almost completely ripe and will be canned in next couple days.



  1. WOW, that is a lot to have done! Good luck with all this. I hope you like Brussels sprouts like I do and I love them!

    1. I don't really like them , but like them better than peas which I eat also. Hubby and Daughter 4 LOVE them. I grew green and purple so that will make the "plate" look colorful LOL

  2. All the run-around to the doctor is difficult. We are constantly embarking on another "doctor/referral/will the insurance cover it?" journey ourselves around here. My husband has a couple of issues that need addressing that he had been putting off until his hip surgery was completed. Now he's working on them and it takes so much effort just to jump through the hoops.

    In the meanwhile, his hip is so much better that he has been out in the forest multiple times over the past few weeks, cutting wood with his chain saw and splitting the rounds with a splitting maul. A year ago, he could hardly walk across a room. So, that was the big issue, and we are so grateful that he could get that one fixed. We shall see about these more minor, but still necessary, procedures.....

    Here's hoping your journey will continue to move along and you get all of your appointments and treatments you need done in good time.

    1. Me too, My ortho said it shouldn't have much problem getting approval for a MRI. As I have pretty much wiped out all the other reasons that could have caused it.