Thursday, November 19, 2020

I am thankful and worried

 I am thankful that neither Hubby or I have gotten Covid...yet.

I am thankful our kids have not gotten Covid...yet. 

Why the yet? Because other family has it and when it is in the family, it's going to spread through the family.  AND I've been through a couple doctor's offices. Hubby even though he is careful when working is always at a low risk. Most are staying away. One Amish canceled a haul because he as coughing... he has bronchitis... but still held off being around anyone. The tests are not always right in negative or positive according to him (including what we are seeing on the news) 

I am thankful it was warm today even with the high winds. I was making hot sauce (yep, got 2 more to do from the father's day gift thank you daughter 4) and it had enough fumes both Hubby and I were coughing. Can't wait to do the Ghost pepper one tomorrow SIGH. We did tell her if we die from her gift she does not get an inheritance. 😏 

Hubby got the last of the plants pots dumped and put away and a couple holes out in the yard filled in with dirt. 

I got 2 of the hot sauces done , cooked 2 trays of tomatoes to strain for juice to can tomorrow . Decluttered the small desk behind Hubby's desk that he was doing "over flow" on top of and paid the bills for this week. Put broccoli cheddar soup, brussels sprouts and caramelized onions in the freezer along with 2 servings of potpie for next week when I run from appt to appt.

Blessing on everyone, stay safe and stay well


  1. Worry really kicks your immune system in the teeth so it would be good to trust that you would be okay if you got as most have been. My 81 year old parents had it and were both fine and at the time Dad was even on Hospice so he was in very bad shape. My husband and I are both in the high risk group and both had it and came through it just fine, too and really had a light case as did Mom and Dad. Our best friends had it and were really sick like a bad flu but came through it fine as well. Another couple who are close friends had it and did not even know it and they are near 70 and she is in bad health. The media is really doing us a disservice by keeping everyone so afraid. I do realize that this is serious for some but everyone would be better off if we could just all calm down.

  2. That is funny about the hot sauce. I would think it would clear the sinuses, too. This virus is worrisome, wondering how it is all going to end. But, we are still being careful.

  3. Be careful you do not want to get this and neither do I.

  4. It's a very worrisome time right now but I know you are being very careful. I always think back on things and realize I'm doing my best to not get it and that's all We can do.