Saturday, November 28, 2020

Last week of Nov Frugal

 We spent $17 at the grocery store, 1 gal of milk, 2 cartons of sour cream, 1 carton of cottage cheese, a 3 pack of colored bell peppers, 1 bunch of celery,1 pack of white mushrooms, and 1 pack of portabella mushrooms. That should last us for two weeks.

We ate from the pantry except for a gas station $10 pizza the night we didn't get home until 7 due to waiting for appts an hour away from us. We have been combining appts so we are making less trips. The last one that day was running an hour behind and then took an hour. SIGH.

Daughter 4 had a company give her some money to help her buy her frig and stove. She passed that money to us to put on that bill. Now it's down to the same as if I have bought the frig on sale. Stove is now "free". Considering her old frig froze her milk, the new one is up and running just in time and she was baking a cheesecake in the new stove.

We decided to Not buy a live tree this year. but use the old little tree we had when we lived in the 800 sq ft rental. I bought a light tree instead

for less money than the live trees would have costs. We buy two, one for front porch and one for inside . I haven't decided how to decorate the deck yet. I should say I haven't found anything in the decorations to put on the deck yet.

The holiday dinner we usually attend for HAM radio was canceled so I did not buy anything for it as it would have been this coming week.

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