Thursday, December 24, 2020

pictures Hubby confessed to kids

 empty buckets from flour and sugar.

empty of cranberries and King Arthur fruitcake fruit blend. The rest of the jars was in the dishwasher.

Hubby rolling the snickerdoodles

377 later, I don't care to see any buckeyes for awhile LOL Took less time to dip them than it did to roll them.

Vacuum packed cookies. Hubby always cracks on me when the homemade bread is holey.... I think he decided it's not just homemade bread that has that issue.

Box is for the VFW the bags are for the kids and grandkids... delivered. SO I can get back in my freezers as they covered all 3 up before I bagged and the VFW and sons covered a counter top.

Hubby confessed to kids he opened the present he bought for me and played with it. I asked for an air nailer from Menards.  Worse is I caught him playing with it as he thought I was asleep, like I wouldn't know that it had been opened??? The kids and grandkids "nailed" him. He is one of those husbands that if you don't ask and tell exactly what you want and where to buy it, he won't get you a thing not even a card.I just have given up. 


  1. 1. I would still like to see a picture of a finished Buckeye, as I have no idea exactly what they are.
    2. Love the Christmas lights strewn around your kitchen, they look good on the old fashioned cabinet.
    3. Am seriously impressed about the amount of money you saved this Christmas over your usual spend. Way to go....even if it almost killed you.
    4. The vast majority of husbands are clueless about gift giving. My husband is now pretty good because I have spent 37 years training the man. And he doesn't like seeing me burst into tears. :D

  2. My husband is just as bad. Daughter took him out shopping. You temper chocolate? I am very impressed.