Friday, January 8, 2021

past couple of days..doggie pic


She sleeps so weird at times.

Besides watching the news which causes grief. 

I paid the bills, we have 1 left to come in which is the electric and then the regular stuff like gas for the dog truck, food, etc. I transferred the money to cover the out of pocket medical costs (I know I have to pay in full  before surgery to the medical account we have. I made another extra payment on the mortgage and loans.  I checked to see what was left and decided to transfer money to savings of what was left leaving just enough to cover us until the next "payday" from the IRAs. 

Hubby was going to get cereal for bfast this morning, I ask where we were on the bread. He decided we would finish the loaf as toast. He ate 3 slices and I ate 1. I will make biscuits next. We have tortilla wraps.

Last night, I used part of the leftover kraut from the 1st to make Rueben sandwiches using the last of the rye bread from the freezer (unless some is buried). I used 1 can of corned beef. I now know 1 can makes 2-8 inch wraps and 1 sandwich. I used ketchup, mayo and green tomato dill relish to make the  thousand island dressing. I have one more kraut in the freezer for later as we never eat a full jar and I only use jarred kraut.

Today ,I took the meat mixture I made and froze for hamburger pie.  I had froze it in the casserole dish I use to make the "pie" and then took it out and put it in freezer bags. So as this thaws it is already back in the dish. I put out the frozen corn (from the gardens) and will use leftover mashed potatoes I froze from the 1st. I will "drain" off the extra water before spreading it on top. 

I am making a list of things I can do without straining my hip while recovering, thanks to suggestions of others that have had this surgery. I also started a list of meals as Hubby's work has started picking up.

I got my "hip kit" from Amazon. The scrubby to wash your legs is too short and I am only 5 ft so maybe it's my arms are too short. The sock helper is worthless. Even Hubby that wears a extra large sock and Son 1 who wears a size 16 shoe couldn't get their socks over the end of it let alone my sock fitting over it. I will be looking for something else as some times Hubby leaves for work before I get up and I don't want cold feet all day. I will wear socks to bed but usually find I have taken them off in the night .

Blessed Be 


  1. Practice with the sock thing. I used on a few days after knee replacement...I take a size 12WW woman and have large socks. It worked fine after practice a few times to get socks on. Had right knee done 3.5 months ago and now getting left done in 10 days. I have no family and live alone so need some devices to help. I have some proteins I freezer already cooked, Clothes out at waist height, furniture moved so I have a walking circle. Water bottles ready to be filled and near me. Hoping for no snow as not sure how I can maneuver walker and get salt on handicapped ramp so I do not fall during the first 10 days....then hope I’m ok to drive myself to other choices. I have a food stock of panty items so won’t need to shop the first 3 weeks especially if weather bad......just to get to PT 3x week. Will do a fresh produce/food stock up on day before surgery so I have fresh food for a week even thought should be quarantined but have to do what you have to do. Around in my area it is hard to get any food delivery set up.....too many people need it and not enough
    services. Good luck. Happy that we only have 2 knees....prior surgery went great....hoping this one goes just as well. First 2-3 weeks were a bit rough but I’ve been in so much pain the last 20 was not as bad an anticipated.

    1. I know our ramp does not get slick unless we get freezing rain. A friend told me she has a small container of salt she puts in her walker basket to sprinkle the salt on her ramp and sidewalk. She is alone and has been for years.

  2. I wish I was close enough to come help you.

  3. I have seen pictures of the sock helper and wondered how on earth a sock would go over it. Then, I thought that if I ever got a sock on it, the sock would be ruined.

    I asked Tommy who has practically frozen hips from osteoarthritis. This may not help you, but I will tell you what he does. When he wants to put on his right sock, he puts his right leg, sort of bent, under his left leg. Then, he can hook his sock onto the right toe and work it on his foot. So, that may not help you, but that is how he does it. He can barely bend either knee from osteoarthritis.

    Can you get a pair of house shoes that are warm and get your foot into that to keep your feet warm? I would want more than just my foot to be warm. My ankle bones get

  4. I wear knee high wool socks to bed due to being cold. LOL. Hubby said he would just put my socks and shoes on my until cleared to bend over. I can't cross my legs for 6 weeks (unless I recover quicker)