Friday, February 19, 2021

doc office just called

 Two people in office have been let go for not making sure paperwork was completely. His scheduler has been informed she is to block Tuesdays for surgeries and follow ups for surgeries. If they mess it up again they are fired as there was no excuse for my follow up to be 2 months later. 

He filed complaint against anesthesiologist for not reading my file (he skimmed it) and giving me fentanyl when my chart says it doesn't work for me (actually specifies that a double shot of whiskey does more for me) and gave it to me anyways. Pain blocks do not work for me so that is another thing to go in my chart we did not .know.Doc think that comes from the CP since it's a nerve block.

Nurse that got me up the first time. I told her I was going to pass out and she tried to get me to step back to the bed... I said no put your leg behind me and I slide to floor down her leg and sat down. They don't have the rule that a nurse should have a belt on the patient even though Phys. therapy has pushed for it. I will be giving that in writing to the hospital as the nurse was smaller than me and could not hold me up. She did not argue with me when I told her to put her leg behind me. They wanted to call it an assisted fall, and her and I both specified I did NOT fall I sat down. Then I showed them with another nurse. 

They were shocked that all the one scheduled for surgery showed up. About half the nurses couldn't get in. 


  1. Shew what a time you had. I'm glad you were able to have surgery but sorry about the danger you were in from the anesthesia problems. I hope you have a quick recovery and therapy and will soon be in less pain.

  2. My husband is allergic to a certain drug which is written in red on his chart, and he also reminded the office receptionist when he was coming in for a dental appointment. So the receptionist ordered it in generic (?????) which my husband didn't realize. He took it at home and by the time he got to the dental office he started to pass out. They had to call the paramedics who took him to the emergency room. Luckily all was well, but we changed dentists.

    Seriously people, check your charts.

  3. I'm with you on the whiskey! I will take a shot of bourbon before any pain med if I am really hurting and it works! It seems that Covid has made people think that it does not matter if they do their job well or not and that is at all levels. This morning at the grocery store every item was put in it's own bag no matter how small just because the cashier could not be bothered to do it any other way. That is nuts that they got you up without a belt!

  4. All the things that can and do go wrong before and after surgery are scary. Hope that it all works out in the end, and that you are much improved with the surgery.

  5. Oh no ..what a mess. Hope these people get doing their jobs better soon and you get better soon too!