Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Kim at OUT MY WINDOW pantry challenge

 still eating from the pantry..

still have not went to the store for anything but milk.

Does M sending bread and a sweet over this coming Saturday caught as shopping? LOL

Hamburgers with homemade rolls, asparagus, and sweet potato and peaches.

Strip steak and huge salad...we were going to put the steak on the salad but decide to just eat it on it's own plate. I put apples in the salad for our fruit.

Meatloaf , hassleback potatoes, carrots , and raspberry pie filling on sponge cake with cool whip.

Big egg... leftover ham and potatoes tossed in skillet with beaten eggs poured on top. AKA Frittata  but Hubby's family has always called it a big egg.

Cream of mushroom soup HOMEMADE. As that is the only way Hubby will make it

French toast with bacon

What ever we could find in the frig day .

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