Monday, May 3, 2021

May's punch aka to do list

 Garden boxes... painted/ put together/ installed in garden/ filled with soil and trellises added. UPDATE I got 2 of the 9 painted completely on the 2nd (yes a Sunday but the only day warm enough to paint out side and it wasn't raining).

Organize flower bulbs

plant flower bulbs

plant red rhubarb

metal chairs to deck/ add old cushions (UPDATE Sunday/chairs are to deck) 

Umbrella to deck ... Hubby doesn't remember where he put it.

On deck: paint and install railing supports (UPDATE Sunday painted)/ replace broken railing/add sides to wheelchair ramp.

Check tree in pasture to see if it can be transplanted. 

install antenna tower

repair basement entrance and ramp ( UPDATE quote coming in this weekend, J was at wedding and then funeral and then in fields this week)

Install outlet on INSIDE of basement door.

Spread gravel (got postponed as tractor went in for maintenance)

Get 500 gallon fuel tank filled with diesel fuel. Hubby is pricing it between 3 places.

Uncover air vents under front porch (under front room) and cubby hole (under dining room) We will be pricing what it will cost to have the crawl spaces sealed.

Power wash house/ wash screens(repair or replace as needed)/ take front room storm windows to barn. 

Caulk outside windows and doors.

Remove dog house from previous owner.

defrost 1 freezer

paint peg board to match mudroom and install on wall.

wash/dry and mend if necessary winter bedding/winter curtains/ winter clothes and store in rubber maids in barn. Hubby has 4 winter coats and 5 winter overhaul bibs. 

wash/dry warm weather bedding/ curtains/ clothes and put in drawers.

Since I am moving things in and out of drawers, I decided to clean them out and declutter at the same time. Will take longer but will be done.

Blessed Be




  1. I was curious about something and perhaps you have the answer. You said some of the cement on your fairly new basement ramp and gone bad and crumbled. Does that sort of thing happen very often? I assume there isn't any way to tell if concrete is "bad" when it's being poured? Do you know what causes it?

    Inquiring minds want to know. :D

    1. It's very hard to tell if it is a bad batch of concrete. It can happen if the ratio of the mix isn't right or if too much water is added or not allowed to cure correctly (like it pours down rain or is too cold) .