Monday, September 20, 2021

HA HA menu plan

I do great at making a menu... I suck at staying on menu.

So in no order of when we will eat what. On the menu

beef and noodles, mashed potatoes and cole slaw or salad

123 pasta (one onion, 2 cups protein, 3 cups or more veggies and 1 lb. pasta..sauce floats) and salad

bfast for dinner... use leftover steak from Sunday for omelets or egg burritos, French toast with pie filling.

fried cabbage, fried potatoes with onions and corn bread  Might chop leftover smoked sausage in cabbage if enough left over.

philly cheese steak pizza with salad

Breaded fish with French fries and coleslaw. 

stir fry (what ever needs used up in frig) fried rice (actually it's yellow rice with onion, peas and carrots), eggrolls and pot stickers aka fried dumplings.

Hubby says we will do 3 meals the least. I say 4. Both of us will be shocked it is all of them. LOL


  1. I am bad at staying on a plan also which is why I just pull out meat for the day and go with it. Crap I need to pull out meat for the day!

  2. All those meals sound delicious! I am great at planning and executing and I lie.